Montpont-en-Bresse May 2012
sunset 9

Sunset Montpont-en-Bresse


Typical French Fesitival

chicken roasting

Bresse Chickens

nazy and Chrisine by big chicken

Nazy and Christine in Bresse

everyone at chickenfest

Joel, Nazy, Christine and Dan

sunset 7

Sunset in Bresse

sunset 5

Sunset in Bresse

sunset 2

Sunset in Bresse

sunset photo

Bresse Sunset

tree by joels and christines


typical french countryside house

French Countryside

Joel and Christines in Burgendy

Burgundy Region of France

Church tile roof


naz and Iris

Nazy in Jura

abbey in Lourdes


river in french countryside


waterfall panorama

Jura Waterfall

tada nazy by waterfall

Jura Waterfall with Nazy

beautiful waterfall

Jura Waterfall

waterfall only

Jura Waterfall

stream waterfall source

Source of Waterfall

restaruant waterfall grotto

Waterfall Grotto

nazy by waterfall grotto


top of waterfall

Waterfall summit

naz at the waterfall top

Nazy in Jura

through the valley

Jura Valley

rest and moon grotto waterfall

Notice the Moon



village in Jura

Jura Village