We have lived in a variety of exotic places - Vancouver, Holland, Switzerland, Memphis, Atlanta, New England and even Houston. We’ve traveled extensively in North America, Asia and Europe. Africa is especially exotic, but we’ve only been Nigeria (Dan alone), Morocco and South Africa. (Darius has also been to Egypt, Ethiopia and Mozambique.) These stories depict the sense of adventure and fun in our journeys.

When you’re living in Europe, Africa should be a simple and short journey. (It’s right below the Mediterranean Sea.) Darius, geography whiz for The Martin Family was enamored as soon as he realized that the Capital of Burkina Faso is Ouagadougou (“What can be cooler than that, Dad?”). Trips with Nazy involved fun. My first trip, however, was business-oriented. I went to Nigeria for Shell.

camels dan and nazy
Nigeria describes my first experience in Africa. Although nothing worked as planned, and my welcome was, well, met with less than unbridled enthusiasm, it was an adventure and it was a learning experience.

Instructions for visiting Nigeria is a verbatim recreation of the preparatory document that Shell gave me before leaving - after they handed me a ‘personal medical kit’, malaria pills and an appointment with a vaccination specialist. I’m not sure that I would have been able to go if Nazy had seen the document before my departure.

You Don't Want to go There describes a rarity: Dan was with Nazy on her birthday. We went to Morocco and we had a great time - even if the taxis wouldn't take us where we wanted to go.