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The Martin Family in 2010

It was clear that we returned to our home in Hanover, New Hampshire, a changed bunch. It was difficult to fit in and we all coped in different ways.

Melika: Quickly recovering from her first experience with the family car (she hit the stone wall adjacent to the garage), Melika was proud to be the cause of two speed bumpers installed between our home and the high school. (They were removed when she left for college.) After graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara (with a course of studies that included a semester aboard a ship sailing around the world), she worked at a trendy restaurant in Montecito where she met several movie actors, including Carol Burnett, Michael Douglas, and John Cleese. She then went to law school in San Francisco, passed the bar (she celebrated at a party in Bali and with a hike to the top of Kilimanjaro). She is now a corporate lawyer in Santa Barbara.

Darius: After finishing high school, Darius got an undergraduate degree in economics from Syracuse University. Unimpressed with the weather in Syracuse, New York, he (also) enrolled at UC Santa Barbara. He embarked on an extended journey to “Ph.Dom,” marked by a research stop in Iceland. (He arrived just as the Iceland economy cratered; the volcano occurred later. He claims it “was not my fault, Dad.”) He is now an economics professor at the American University of Beirut. In the past few years he’s traveled to Egypt, Jordan, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia. His mom wonders, “What’s wrong with London, Berlin, or even Des Moines?”

Mitra: After completing a degree in comparative literature at Princeton, Mitra moved to New York. (“You know, Mitra, I’ve never seen a job posting like ‘Desperately needed: comparative literaturist specializing in medieval French and Persian garden allegories,’” I told her.) She worked at a couple of brand marketing companies and rapidly rose through the ranks. But, while doing market research in Buenos Aries, she discovered the Tango, moved to Los Angeles, and, with her partner, Stefan, created Oxygen Tango (, the best Tango school in the world. She and Stefan are based in California, but they teach and perform all over the world.

Nazy: Continuing her role as CFO (Chief Family Officer) but missing the international adventures, she had come to enjoy, Nazy founded the International Women’s Club (IWC) of the Upper Valley upon repatriation. The IWC is now a fixture in Hanover. Nazy also supervised a complex and complete renovation of the house while encouraging a troubled husband who didn’t particularly enjoy commuting to Boston. She graciously accepted an award from a department store in The Hague that had named a floor after her. She continued (and continues) to be beautiful, smart, capable, and caring. She has her own website at

Dan: The instant Melika entered college in California, I began an extensive search for a job in Europe. It took longer than hoped, but eventually I found a position in…

“Europe, Dan,” the company said. “It’s a European level job so you can live anywhere you want.”
“Great. How about Rome?”
“Well, anywhere that the company is doing a lot of business. European headquarters are in Zurich.”
“Hmm. What about Barcelona?”
“Barcelona is kinda on the edge. You can live anywhere you want. European headquarters are in Zurich.”
“What about Zurich?”
“Great choice, Dan.

Nazy and I now live in Zurich, Switzerland. We still enjoy seeing the world, and especially enjoy getting together with all members of The Martin Family—an event that happens at least once a year.