Leandra christened, poltroons dither, Tiger cares and Arrow shares

Leandra Christening

How did two-year old Arrow attempt to endear himself to his new sister? Why were his Mom and grandparents far more impressed than the 1 week old baby? And did the new baby accelerate Tiger’s maturity process? Would any reader like to purchase a copy of the Los Angeles Times with the headline: “
On The Moon!”? What big event was celebrated, in Lebanon, by (the lovely) Leandra and her family? Is it necessary to neatly pack garbage? If you’re in pre-school, what’s cooler - a starfish or a dolphin? What is a paltroon? (And why are so many of them ‘serving’ in Congress?) Read More...

Home button bAby drops ZEaLously on deadLinE date

leaving cottage with every one August 19 2018

Will DAn’s ZEaLous pursuit of a functional iphone home button be fruitfuL? Why is Tiger at Zoo Camp? (And who rodE the blue train there?) Can Arrow Keep control if he is not the bAby? Who was comfoRtablE, relaxed and in No hurry? By the way: why was Melika visiting acupuncture clinics, chirOpractoRs offices and mediatioN studios? How did massage do the trick? (And what was that trick?) Where there any exciting arrivals in Santa Barbara last week? Hint: Think Pink.


pregnant hummingbird bests seagull in WiFi root canal move

Tiger and Arrow August 2018

What ‘feels’ longer — Melika’s pregnancy or Nazy and Dan’s house move? Is there anything Dan likes less than a root canal? Should we put sundry and knick-knacks in the same closet as miscellaneous and various? Will the WiFi ever work? (Will insulting the technician speed things up?) Are hummingbirds the appropriate response when seagulls (or crows) mistake your mailbox for an outhouse? Read More...

Rusty Mailbox fills my heart with joy and rocks my unpacked boxes

Melika, Tom and Arrow August 2018

Does order really follow chaos? Before answering, note that the chaos was caused by a house move. And, if your answer is ‘Yes”, how long does it take? Is there a use for unpacked moving boxes? Does a ventriloquist dummy bring ‘joy to your heart’? Why should you care? Can a wonderful new home be spoiled by a rusty, dented mailbox? Where was Dan’s “WE WILL ROCK YOU” shirt hiding? Is he brave enough to wear it outdoors? Read More...

Scrapes on Stairs lifting The Matterhorn, Ties and Marble Tables

dan and nazy with matterhornn

Was Nazy understanding when Dan complained about the weight of his tie collection? When was the last time Dan wore a tie? Who fed the Virginia cows? Hint: Normally Tigers eat cows. Can U-HAUL really ‘make things easy’ for someone who is moving to a different house? How did Dan and Nazy, veterans of moves to Memphis, Vancouver, Houston, Hanover, The Hague, Hanover, Zurich and Santa Barbara, forget promises to ‘never move again’? Does The Martin Family dining room table really weigh more than The Matterhorn? What has the most shelf space: amazon.com or Nazy Martin’s European Closets? Read More...