telephone befriends car in taxing childcare dilemma

Tiger on Dan's shoulders April 2015

How did the family celebrate income tax day? (Hint it wasn’t by filing an income-tax return.) How do memories of his first tax audit still haunt Dan? What happens if a 10 month old baby takes a three hour nap - just before bedtime? Why would you let that happen if you were babysitting? When did Dagmar (the car’s navigation computer) begin having an affair with Nicholas (the Nokia mobile phone)? And what happened when Nicholas was replaced by Agnes, the Apple iPhone? Read More...

First class elbows tax exit plans

sunrise la vista

How well-polished are Dan’s negotiation skills? See him test them out with the $wiss taxation authorities? Why did the TSA inspector, who’s radiation device spotted an anomaly on Dan’s elbow, pat down Dan’s butt? Should Dan have pointed that out? (Will he ever learn to shut up?) Read More...

Citizen Bachmann Eritrea Soulmate Bored Board

Board chairman

Is Switzerland ready for Michele Bachmann? (Does she speak German? English?) Why are the United States and Eritrea soul mates? What is more mature and professional: The HP Board of Directors? Or A pack of panicked penguins fleeing an Orca attack? Hint: The photo shows the Chairman of the HP Board. Read More...