sorry hidden iPad awaits museum and swing

For my birthday, Melika and Darius presented me with the wherewithal to get a new, improved, undented, super fast iPad Mini. Prepared, I had done web research so I knew exactly what I wanted. I was, as you can imagine, confident as Nazy and I strolled into, eh, strolled toward the Apple Store on State Street. I was stopped by two iPad-wielding bouncers at the doorway.

“Why do you want to go into this store?” The larger one asked.
ipad mini image for twl

“I’m going to buy a new iPad.” I replied. “
Certainly newer and sleeker than the one you’re holding,” I thought.

“Do you have an appointment?”

“No. I don’t need to fix anything. I’m going to buy an iPad.”

“The earliest buying appointment is at 5:30.”

“5:30AM is far too early for me.” I replied.


“That’s six hours away! I’m here now. I have money. I want to spend it.”

“The first available purchase appointment is at 5:30.”

Business experience kicked in. I pivoted: “I just want to look.”

“Welcome to Apple,” they relied. (In unison.)

“Dan,” Nazy whispered as we walked in, “I will find someone who will sell us the iPad.”

“Good idea,” I replied.

The first person we saw readily agreed to sell us an iPad… but he didn’t have the one I wanted —
purple with 256GB. But ..

“We have two
pink ones with 64GB,” the clerk announced.

“What other iPad minis do you have?” Nazy asked. “
My old one has 128GB and it’s more than half full” I thought.

“We don’t have any other iPad minis. Everything is on a ship waiting to be unloaded.”

“Where’s the ship?” I asked. “
Katmandu?” I thought.

“When are you going to get a new shipment?” Nazy asked.

“I don’t know.”
“Forget it!” I concluded. “I’ll just order it on the web. I can wait a week for delivery.”

“Good idea,” the clerk concurred. “
Good luck,” the clerk thought.

I had no trouble ordering the desired iPad mini at However — promised delivery was 6 (!) weeks out. (This was annoying to someone who hadn’t wanted to wait 6 hours.)

“Now, Dan,” Nazy interrupts. “They sent a text update that..”

“… began ‘Good News!’,” I said. “They were ready to ship —
the case.”

The day before Melika and Tom returned home (a Monday) Nazy and I decided to take Tiger, Arrow and Azelle to the Museum of Natural history. With everyone in the car, we drove to the museum…

“It’s a little late getting started,” I began. “I hope that they don’t close at 5PM.”

“You worry about everything, Dan.” Nazy replied, as we drove up. “I’m sure they’ll be open until at least 6.”


“At least we don’t have to worry about the closing time,” I commented. “The small print (10:00 - 5:00) was almost as unsettling,” I thought.

“Let’s go the The Mission rose garden,” Nazy suggested.

Photos from The Mission

TWL Mission pictures

The children liked to smell the roses and throw coins into the fountain. Azelle collected rose petals and Tiger noticed that someone had cut down the kumquat tree. They ran in open fields and …

“Azelle!! Stop!” Nazy yelled as Azelle dashed ahead and ran across the street to the car.

“You should not run across the street,” I told Azelle when we caught up. “It is very dangerous.”

“You have to listen to us.” Nazy added. “That was very bad.”

nazy and adams children rose garden Oct 2021

“It was not! It was not! It was not!…” Azelle shouted — the entire way home.

As is her usual approach when she is upset, Azelle ran into her room, closed thee door, took out 8 puzzles, mixed up all the pieces and went to work putting them together.

A short time later, I joined her in her room.

“Well, Azelle?” I asked. “I think you should tell Mamon that you are sorry.”

Azelle looked at me. I could see her thinking.

“You can tell Mamon that Azelle is sorry.” Azelle finally replied.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” I replied. “You have to tell Mamon. Would you like me to carry you upstairs to see Mamon?”

“Yes!” Azelle replied. “Please.” She added - hoping to change my mind.

When we got upstairs, I held her as we looked at Mamon together. Everybody was waiting.
The Mission SB Oct 2021

“Dan has something to tell you,” Azelle said, breaking the silence.

“Actually,” I commented. “Azelle has something to say.”

Sorry.” Azelle quietly commented after a rather long silence.

This week, Nazy flew to Washington, D.C. to take part in a surprise birthday for Shahrzad. There were several things going on at Melika and Tom’s house — most involving Tiger and Arrow, so I got to spend a lot of time with Azelle.

She began by taking me to the home school where she showed me how to paint. Well — in point of fact, she needed me to help squeeze some of the paint into the palette. My other job was to admire the in-progress and finished work.

swiming montage for TWL Azelle

After this we went outside: she wanted to show me the fairy garden and the swing because…

“They are absolutely fabulous!”

While we were there, she found a ‘magic stick’ that turned me into a frog and her into a cat. (She wanted to frog to use the swing while the cat took a picture. One picture actually included the target.

Moon and Venus and Palm tree Oct 2021

And, finally, Nazy missed a beautiful sunset that featured a crescent moon and Venus. A somewhat larger moon will appear between Jupiter and Saturn later in the week.

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