Baby rides 1917 carosel while dan queues behind 1901 customer

jamsheed and Nazy at hotel

Did you know that there is a 1917 Carousel in Santa Barbara? Is it possible to sign your name with movements so slow that the continent drifts out of range before you finish? The answer of course is ‘Yes’. But why are the people doing that always queuing in front of me? And who would be dumb enough to stand in line behind someone older than the Carousel? Where would you wear baby blue shoes? (Would you still do it if you were an adult?) Read More...

telephone befriends car in taxing childcare dilemma

Tiger on Dan's shoulders April 2015

How did the family celebrate income tax day? (Hint it wasn’t by filing an income-tax return.) How do memories of his first tax audit still haunt Dan? What happens if a 10 month old baby takes a three hour nap - just before bedtime? Why would you let that happen if you were babysitting? When did Dagmar (the car’s navigation computer) begin having an affair with Nicholas (the Nokia mobile phone)? And what happened when Nicholas was replaced by Agnes, the Apple iPhone? Read More...

sunny darius reigns economically in greece & Argentina

nazy and Dan in Memphis

Who would talk about economics in Greece and Argentina? (Right after his birthday?) Would the same person talk about the virtues of Democracy in North Korea? Was the sun really hiding? And why did it matter? When did the Budget Gourmet prepare a $10 Persian Meal? Read More...

birthday venus with surprised day-long spa in 1394

mitra stefan and tiger closeup

Was it a coincidence that there was a conjunction of Venus and the Moon on Nazy’s birthday? How did Nazy and Dan make appropriate arrangements for good luck in the year 1394? (Does retroactive good luck count?) Who parked next to a California Prickly Pear Cactus - and then watched his spouse attempt to get out of the car? What do spas, shoes, dinners and family all have in common?