Reading Thankful Stockings While Walking an Octopus

Octopus cropped Nov 2020

Why wasn’t it hard to find things to be thankfully about? (Other than the thought that it won’t be long before 2020 has moved into the rear-view mirror — with all the other losers?) How does it feel to be able to do ‘anything’? Hint: “You are a grown-up, Dan. So you can do it.&rdquoWinking Who spotted the accelerating covid case leading indicator? Hint: it happened the the paper products aisle. Why would anyone build a sand castle when a sand octopus was a possibility? Will this be the year that Nazy finishes another needlepoint Christmas stocking? Hint: It’s 2020 and she had a lot of time. Read More...

pregnant kangaroos use cursive palmer method script

Nazy Douglas Preserve and Ocean Nov 10 2020

Does anyone remember “The Palmer Method”? Will children growing up in a digital world ever learn how to read — not to mention write — cursive? (Hint: in this context, ‘cursive’ refers to a handwriting style, not a ‘presidental’ speaking style.) Will future generations be able to read handwritten script? Would it be wise to safeguard your musing digitally? And, if so, are floppy disks the appropriate medium? (If you don’t know what a ‘floppy disk’ is, then the question answers itself.) What exactly should be revealed at a ‘reveal’ party? Read More...

Orange (Pumpkins?) Flame Out with Toothless Batty Dragon

Majoon, Dan and the boys Lotusland Oct 2020

Can anyone disguised as Crayola crayon find a, eh, ‘The’ Mad Hatter? And, if so, where should they look? And how did they convince Dan to dress in green. Who was able to find the only puddle in rainless Santa Barbara? And how much did he weigh when carried because his “shoe was wet”? Where was Batman (and family) spotted?How is Dan’s air guitar? Who is the family sand castle expert? (Does a sand dragon count?) And finally: How old should you be when your baby teeth begin to fall out? Hint: How old is Tiger. Read More...

Read Hop on Pop ’s Bananas at Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Patch

Leandra and Auriane at the pumpkin patch in a cart

Who knows, and communicates, the Washington State Rules of ‘This House’? Are swings and slides safe in the time of COVID? Will Dan be able to successfully walk around Lake Padden? It shouldn’t be hard: Magellan and Francis Drake circumnavigated the whole planet. But — Dan was on foot and they had sails. How is Trader Joe still able to sell a banana for the same price they charged in the 1960’s? What do you look for when you go to a pumpkin festival? Who made a Jack-O-Lantern with glasses? Read More...