Beanstalk Amaryllis and Pewter soldiers in Dijon

tower and varnished roof

Who is Amy and why is she stalking Dan and Nazy? Can Dan prove that his cold weather springtime complaint are justified? Which Dijon mustard company is owned by an American conglomerate? Where are the bargains in France: Perfume? Haircuts? Speeding tickets?

Threaded mustard exhibit (Kelly) bags senator

cropped glove leather

What takes longer to produce: A Hermes Kelly Bag or a newborn baby? Which costs more? Where would you go to visit a Mustard Museum? Are US senators intellectually capable of questioning an internationally renowned bank executive? Read More...

Waterfall Markets stāœ­ring socially insecure salads

waterfall panorama

You’re in a French gastronomical emporium and you want salad. Obviously your name is not Dan, but what do you do when the waitress says: “No”? How does algorithmic skill enable Dan to paint a masterpiece? What is the social insecurity penalty claws and how does it apply? Read More...

Vulcanized Elvis chickens flying business Class

sunset 7

What color feet are mandatory for a Bresse Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) Chicken? What’s more likely to be the headline act in a Rural French Festival: (a) Wine-Tasting?(b) Elvis Impressions? (c) Cheese Sniffing? (d) Belly Dancing? (e) Worker striking? And what does Occam’s Razor tell us about risk management? Read More...