rainless, but colorful rocks watch linguistic children reign

Tiger and computer Jan 2017

When visiting the Natural History Museum with Mitra and Dan, what exhibit will be most interesting to Arrow? And, on a related note, what happened to the building blocks and the earthquake simulation table? Can florescent rocks take up the slack? How about friendly raptors? Can Dan cope with the limitations of monolingualism? Can Darius take pronunciation corrections from a 2 two year? Read More...

Freezing Doctor with funny bed drums vaccination on Azelle’s book

dan and the SB grandchildren reading book Feb 2020

Can the California crew cope with a winter weather alert? What is a Winter Weather Alert in Santa Barbara? Who is ‘the doctor with the funny bed’? (And why doesn’t Arrow want to see him?) In fact, why doesn’t Arrow want to see ‘so many doctors’? (And isn’t everybody happy that he doesn’t have to?) Which grandchildren like to read books? And which one likes to read them at 3:00AM? Is playing the drums similar to getting a flu vaccination? Read More...

free lunch singing bye bye on blue barbecue train

Tiger, naz and dan at grandparents day crane

What ‘wrong’ mailing list did Dan somehow appear on? How did that give him a valid reason to decline attendance at a “free lunch”? And refuse to speak with an insurance salesman? (Note: I realize that there is always a reason to not speak to an insurance salesman.) How was Grandparents Day at Tiger’s school? Where, other than South Africa, do they have a blue train? Who likes piano pounding and brio train wrecking? Read More...