free lunch singing bye bye on blue barbecue train

Tiger, naz and dan at grandparents day crane

What ‘wrong’ mailing list did Dan somehow appear on? How did that give him a valid reason to decline attendance at a “free lunch”? And refuse to speak with an insurance salesman? (Note: I realize that there is always a reason to not speak to an insurance salesman.) How was Grandparents Day at Tiger’s school? Where, other than South Africa, do they have a blue train? Who likes piano pounding and brio train wrecking? Read More...

Rainbow Carnivore flushed wagon sharing boys into Condor wings

nazy and arrow at dolphin place

Does swimming with the dolphins (successfully) improve your aquarium keeping skillset? (Hint: Dolphins are not fish.) What would you do with a carnivorous rainbow fish? What does politics have to do with a broken clock? In fact, doesn’t politics have a lot to do with anything broken?) How do you get a two year old and a four year old to share a wagon? Why did Tiger know the wingspan of a California Condor? And how did he choose to convey that information? Read More...

Bicycling ocean tides deposit crowds at local zoo

nazy and arrow on train at zoo April 2018

Can Tiger master a (Pedal-less) two-wheeler? Can Nazy befuddle, bewilder and bedazzle a feckless parking lot attendant who is convinced that his parking lot is ‘FULL’? More accurately: How did Nazy find a parking spot? When is it safe for a husband to complain about the old saying: What goes up must come down? Or, in this case: he who walks down must eventually climb up. Have you ever turned your back on the ocean? Read More...

FISA-enabled rainless season feeds vegetarian giraffe named Michael

arrow feeds the giraffe

What do adult giraffes eat? And who feeds them? How does the Santa Barbara Farmers market add protein to lettuce? Do the suppliers at the market really grow or make everything that they sell? (Does anyone need a gluten-free piston for a 57’ Chevy?) How can Santa Barbara County be in the midst of a severe drought after devastating mudslides caused by excessive rain? More importantly, who is to blame for the rainless ‘rainy season’? Have the cranes come back to Mission Park? Read More...