Lakers magnifying risk takes a little off the top Dodger

Nazy phone lakers family

Where could you successfully apply for a job if your CV included positions like: “Chief Safety Officer, Chernobyl” or “Chief Risk Officer, Lehman Brothers”, or “Head, Navigation, Titantic”? Would you ask Marie Antonette’s hairdresser to ‘take a little off the top’? Is it dangerous to leave a magnifying glass on the window sill of a south facing window in Santa Barbara? How will the Lakers do? (And the Dodgers?) Who’s sleepover pajamas are stripe-less? Read More...

and the Evening and the morning were the third Day

United Airlines gar

Could a consummate Tango Dancer rescue Dan from the floor of the Denver Airport? Did the gate agent convince Dan that moving from an aisle seat in the last row to a middle seat in the next to last row was an upgrade? Was Dan’s experience part of a nefarious plan? (Or was it simple incompetence?) Did he get home? Did his luggage make it to Santa Barbara?