Sainted United Air chooses Delta for Teton Birthday trip

dan and nazy in jackson

How did United Airlines finally deliver a perfect flight experience? (Hint: it involved another airline.) Where do bugs hitting the windshield sound like hail-sized baseballs? Is it a sheer coincidence that the Pope visited and the moon was eclipsed on Dan’s birthday weekend? Why are they renaming the street where we live? What led to a Grand visit to the Tetons? Read More...

Hats off as equinox eclipse talks dumb, butts hatted heads



Why was is ‘hat’ one of the first words that the grand(est)son learned to speak? Who would store runoff rain water in the ocean? During a drought? Where would they turn a river into a concrete culvert in order to prevent rainwater from replenishing the aquifer? During a drought? When will the language teaching winner be crowned? Does next week’s lunar eclipse portend the end of the world? And, if so, did it have to happen on Dan’s birthday?


Burning Man invites nature indoors as RV morphs to U-Haul

Melika at burning man

Why is Melika no Fan of the Burning Man Plan? Burning Man: a chance to commune with nature — but what is you want nature to stay outside? Is really living off the land if you can’t get ‘the land’ off of you? (Is it fair to refer to ‘dust’ as ‘nature’?) Why was the cat miffed by a power failure? And a U-Haul? What’s that all about? Read More...

Disney lights heavy prowling tiger and happy goat

with mickey and yari

What is the best career for a baby that know how to say ‘No’, but has not mastered Yes’? How is the grand(est)son able to alter the Universal Gravitational constant discovered by Isaac Newton? While young Tiger be willing to pounce on a flying elephant named Dumbo? How will a youngster who’s almost first word was ‘light’ react to the Disneyland “Paint the Night parade? Where can you find a 1959 Rambler station wagon? (And why would you care?) Finally special thanks to Yari and Joe who helped show us around Disneyland - avoiding lines and getting discounts. Read More...