rainy seasons make nefarious degert tillers abnormal

dan and tiger on swing

Where is the ‘rainy season’ most predictably rainy? Is a ‘flash flood warning’ a good indicator? How does the sentence “Dinosour: The degert you a bed of fory hare” help Donald Trump’s election campaign? (And how is it related to Middle School Civics class?) Where is ‘average’ actually abnormal? And, if your sailboat is moving backwards, is throwing the tiller at the ‘Wind God’ a nautically approved reaction? Read More...

Uber wrecks old iron slides laptop crumble keys

mel, darria, tiger, nazy in Camerillo

A week of collisions — rattling laptops impacting the planet, sliding mud blocking the highway and Uber transports crinkling the car — generated excitement. Did Darius actually wield an iron on a shirt? And why did Dan want to use the iron on a foot? Hint: Is there a gene that causes variable foot size disorder? Does Uber really hire 90 year old drivers? Did United Airlines acquire the bus company that runs transport between LA and Santa Barbara? Read More...

Missing shoes sail by needle-less trees on wind-less day

children and grandchildren 2016 Jan

Who can negotiate a gift exchange when their son forgot to bring the item being exchanged? What does the grand(est)son say when the Christmas Tree is banished to the side of the road? Can young Tiger handle a backpack and the first day of school with calm aplomb? What causes the wind to change whenever Dan tacks or jibs? Why can’t a civilization that has conquered faster than light travel manage to paint a robot’s arm. Read More...

T-Mobile Pepper Tree felled by 3-D Elephant cookie car

family cropped Jan 2016

How is using a T-Mobile cell phone like flying a kite? Why did T-Mobile technical support work best at a nearby department store? Why did Mitra bring 3-D glasses to The Martin Family’s belated Christmas celebration? How did pink elephants and cookies figure into the festivities? Did one of Dan’s investments really increase by $100,000,000 overnight? (Hint; Think ‘Power’, ‘Ball’ and ‘Lottery’.) Read More...

mea cookie, culpa campaign and fraught snow in sparkling party

New Years party dan nazy melika tom

How many people in Costa Rica were on TV cheering while Dan ate a sugar cookie? How did that celebration fully qualify Dan to run for President of the United States? Why is the photo of Christmas snow in Santa Barbara so very clean? Who wanted sympathy for an airline glitch that involved a business class upgrade on a 16 hour flight? What would the reaction be from someone who is usually downgraded to last class? Was the New Year sparkly enough for Dan and Nazy?