Dodgers Vaccination almost forgets Dan and Valentine Dinner

Dan and Nazy Valentine after syr Feb 12, 2021

How did Dan and Nazy become recognized as “Artful Dodgers”? Hint: It happened at a stadium and involved puncture wounds. Can you keep your arm in constant motion while you’re driving on a freeway? Why should you care? How did Dan (think) that he had silenced (“You lost it&rdquoWinking critics by finding his Maui Jim sunglasses? (Did matter that they had been ‘missing’ for 8 months?) Did we find a dinosaur fossil on the beach? What secret engineering information did Dan share with Tiger? And, how did Valentine dinner go? Read More...

sartorial splendor seems spectacular with olive-less pizza

Young Danny

Where can you find a heart-shaped pizza? Are there any drawbacks? Do you like olives? (On your pizza?) Can a one year old show-off demonstrate superior language skills? (Hint: Si!) Is green and red an appropriate color choice for Valentine dinner? Hint: Maybe — if Valentine Day falls in DecemberWhat will Tiger choose for his 100 day kindergarten celebration? And who picked that bowtie? Read More...