pressurized reunion windows and muffler-challenged dodge trips

Dan and Nazy at Hood reunion colorful

Don’t you hate it when your jet is broken? How will Dan and Nazy cope? And what did United Airlines know and when did they know it? Is this the first time Dan flew UPS class? Where can you see deer in the DC area? What important item did Dan forget to pack? Don’t most rental cars come with mufflers? Did Dan’s rental car come directly off the set of The Dukes of Hazard? Who, decades later, still fits into her college blazer? Where is the best place to go to buy colorful stamps?

Marie Antoinette crowns dentist with botanical cowboy hat

Nazy and Auriane May 2019

Who has more problems with a crown than Marie Antoinette? Did a dentist really play ‘kick the crown’ with a hand-crafted dental masterpiece? Who is known in his community as Mr. Grass (cutter)? Which grandchild has determined that anybody wearing a cowboy hat is ‘Dan’? How broadly does she define ‘anybody’? Why didn’t Dan realize that ‘the boys’, who happily walked down a path to Mission Creek would want to be carried back up? Read More...