Cheops celebrates birthday with blue cupcake car at Stonehenge

dan nazy arrow, tiger birthday July 2019

Did children have birthdays before Chuck E. Cheese existed? What kind of blue car did Arrow want for his birthday? Was it a big (outdoor) car or a little (indoor) car? When Dan failed, could Tiger get an answer? How does Tiger ‘help’ Arrow with the cupcake candles at pre-school? Did Arrow have more birthday parties than Dan has birthdays? How did Pharaoh Cheops and Stonehenge delay Nazy’s drive to Los Angeles? And — how does Disneyland compare to Chuck E. Cheese on the birthday celebration scale? Read More...

Sunny dew on one-hand forehand word count birthday

four generations 1987

Why is it called a ‘fourhand’ stroke if you only use one hand? (In fact, why is it called tennis when only two people play? Shouldn’t it be ‘two-is’?) What is the best way to read 1000 pages before kindergarten starts? (Hint: choose pages with few words.) How often do you see a photograph with four generations? How successful was Mitra in her effort to introduce the concept of ‘early morning’ to Nazy? Is there a downside for a ‘big boy’ about to become three years old?


bumbling bees order July 4th take-out on pine-cone slide

Azelle standing

Is it possible to get stung by bee — while you’re wearing a bee sting prevention suit? The answer is, of course, obvious, but how do you explain it to a five year old? If you got a text message [PICKUP in 20 minutes] from the restaurant where you placed your takeout order, would you be surprised to discover that the restaurant is closed? Would ‘bemused’ be a more descriptive characterization? ‘Shocked?’ ’Annoyed?’ ‘Livid?’ Who goes through a countdown before launching himself down a slide? Read More...

Post-Grad dances and bubbles with circus, legos and Mitra

Mitra and boys slush july 2 2019

Who graduated — but wasn’t able to find a paying gig? And who was the youngest student to land a post-grad appointment? What does ‘Stop Ahead’ mean? Would it mean the same thing if you were five years old? What job requires both bravery and stupidity? Hint: It’s not Congress, that only need one of those attributes — a massive amount of said attribute, but nevertheless only one of them. Where can you get a semi-automatic bubble-generating machine? Finally, who makes the best lemon slush? Read More...

Chuck’s Cheesy Tales of Oregon Whale Tails

All the Adams and dan and naz June 2019

What’s the best thing to do after a ten day swing through the East Coast? More to the point: Would you choose Chuck E. Cheese and dueling drives to LAX? What keeps the Moon up in the sky? Hint: “It can’t be gravity, Dan, because that pulls things down!” Will the family whale watching tour deliver Whale Tails or Whale Tales? Who wants his Mommy? (Now!!). Read More...