Rainbow Carnivore flushed wagon sharing boys into Condor wings

nazy and arrow at dolphin place

Does swimming with the dolphins (successfully) improve your aquarium keeping skillset? (Hint: Dolphins are not fish.) What would you do with a carnivorous rainbow fish? What does politics have to do with a broken clock? In fact, doesn’t politics have a lot to do with anything broken?) How do you get a two year old and a four year old to share a wagon? Why did Tiger know the wingspan of a California Condor? And how did he choose to convey that information? Read More...

The Martin Family 2018

dan and nazy at mountains in Washington

The Martin Family in 2018: an endless supply of material for The Weekly Letter? Plots, settings and characters for epic poems? (Why does Dan think he’s got Odysseus genes?) Does anyone remember VHS? (And why didn’t Betamax prevail?) Who wanted NASA to paint the moon pink (or blue) as part of a spectacular gender reveal party? Where is Trickle Creek Boulevard? Would you work in a lab to get answers? (Answers about tango?)

Thimbles tumble into gurgling (high priced) watery chandeliers

Martin Family Christmas 1982 and 2018

How did Dan channel Howard Carter’s discovery of King Tut’s Tomb? (In the garage?) Did he find a golden thimble? How many thimble-fulls of water did resident gophers redirect to The Martin Family hillside? What, besides medical care, costs more in Santa Barbara than it did in Zurich? Should you expect a chandelier to be bilingual? Can Azelle gurgle more cutely than a leaky irrigation system? Read More...