Wildflower smeller claims sole credit for birth. Did Not! Did So!

Tiger, Mel, Tom at Ultrasound Feb 2016

How does nature compete with Matchbox and Hot Wheel cars? Hint: wild flowers are very pretty. What is the grand(est)son’s reaction to an ultrasound view of a soon to arrive sibling? Did the reaction change when they turned on the real sound? Hint: It’s squishy and loud in there.) Does he believe that “there’s a baby in Mommy’s tummy”? Does he believe that he was in Mommy’s tummy?. Has the discussion prepared him for political debates? Read More...

Super Tiger Producers West End My Gym Vermont Pope

naz, dan Tiger my gym 2016 Feb

Who booked his lovely spouse on (not so) EasyJet? (And why does she still remember it 10 years later?) Can the grend(est)son find time in his busy schedule for MyGym classes? (Hint: He’s having a ball.) What do you give to a horse named Piccolo? Would you change your mind if Piccolo tossed you onto your duff? Why does Dan think he can give flying lessons without an airplane?

Valentine’s Day steering wheel stroller and El Nino miscue

Lucky's Valentine 2016

Why is local news running an El Nino disaster series when this year’s El Nino has been a flop? And what is La Nina? Can the grand(est)son be tricked by a stroller with a steering wheel? Why did Dan want to give corn flakes to a cereal killer? What role did Carol Burnett in Nazy and Dan’s Valentine Day dinner? Read More...

Piano playing cat drops ball on crumbled iPhone car


Why must Dan cope with probes and pokes? What do harpsichord playing felines have to do with balls? Why was the physician unimpressed with a digital clock? Is Mitra the master of nooks and crannies? (And rock and leaf?) The grand(est)son unwilling to ride in the rental car — could it be that he blames someone for breaking the red car? Read More...