bicycles torture while tide and time melt for no man

Thg bosy and Nazy biking shoreline park

Which month is, by local tradition (but not actual practice) the rainy season in Santa Barbara? Which season is by practice (but not tradition) the fire season? Why was sculpture the common theme in both Southern California and Northern Washington State? Hint: A snow man counts as a sculpture. What should be done when 2 year old Azelle wants to know why ‘Tiger’s name is an animal?’. Hint: A gAzelle is also an animal. How did Dan figure out a way to include his Dutch bicycle foibles in this week’s issue? Would you choose to chase Tiger or push Arrow? What is the name of Dan’s new fish?

Dodgers Vaccination almost forgets Dan and Valentine Dinner

Dan and Nazy Valentine after syr Feb 12, 2021

How did Dan and Nazy become recognized as “Artful Dodgers”? Hint: It happened at a stadium and involved puncture wounds. Can you keep your arm in constant motion while you’re driving on a freeway? Why should you care? How did Dan (think) that he had silenced (“You lost it&rdquoWinking critics by finding his Maui Jim sunglasses? (Did matter that they had been ‘missing’ for 8 months?) Did we find a dinosaur fossil on the beach? What secret engineering information did Dan share with Tiger? And, how did Valentine dinner go? Read More...

globally preposterous drive eventually yields snowy banana entry

Dan and Nazy douglas preserve Feb 2019

Who would voluntarily spend almost 8 hours on a California Freeway to attend a 5 minute meeting? And who could possibly believe that a meeting with the US Customs and Border Protection service could be successfully completed in five minutes? Why couldn’t the trip be rescheduled? Who is the family’s Peace Partner? How did Tiger do on skis? And why are little kids able to ski so fast? (Hint: They don’t ever turn.) How many shopping bags will it take to carry Nazy’s purchase of ‘A bunch of bananas?) How many stairs are there from Mesa Road to the Pacific Ocean? Read More...