Higgs Boson explained In painful IRS FBAR catastrophe

Dan and Baby Adams june 24 2014

Can the Santa Barbara Solstice parade outrun continental drift? Can Dan convince his pension provider to continue payments to a dead man? (Alternatively, can Dan convince them that he is not dead?) Will Dan refrain from insulting the taxation authorities? [Of course not, he just won’t do it to their face.] Who has proved the most famous open mathematics problem (Fermat’s Last Theorem) and why hasn’t it been published? Read More...

Full moon lion king welcome for grandest baby Ever

tom and mel and TRA-4 and Cat

How can Dan, who ‘guaranteed’ a May girl, maintain his predictive accuracy in the face of a June boy? What was the lion doing at cottage hospital on June 13, 2014? How big is the “T&M Costumes” truck? When will the new arrival outweigh the cat? And why is Dan so good with babies? Read More...

Friday the 13th Full moon accelerates Baby ArrivaL

Melika, Tom TRA IV

Don’t want to read another issue themed: “When is this baby going to arrive?” Well, this week’s edition will meet your needs. What did gravity, the full moon, Friday the 13th, the coming summer solstice and, oh yeah, Melika have to do with the birth of the first Martin (and Adams) grandchild? Was it a boy or a girl? And, who would go orchid hunting in the midst of all this activity? All is revealed in this issue of The Weekly Letter. Read More...

Joan of Ark checks out Slo in Pismo June Gloom

The vertical Martin Family 2013

Who thinks Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife? Why did Dan and Nazy take a SLO road trip? Can you go wrong if you queue behind a lady buying only two greeting cards? How does Melika’s obstetrician’s employment history (United Airlines) impact timely delivery? Is the house at 521 Santa Barbara Street green or yellow? Did you notice that this family photo has nothing to do with the editorial content in this issue of The Weekly Letter? Read More...

Father’s Day baby and alcohol-free Persian Bar chalk wins

big hat 2

Who put the gopher snake in Melika’s driveway? (And who knew that a gopher snake could be five feet long?) Does it sound strange to hear: “Darius is safe and sound back in Beirut.”? (Does anybody know how to punctuate the previous sentence?) Why does Apple sponsor chalk paintings on asphalt during May? Where do we find ingenuity need to tackle idiot-proof construction projects? And, what makes a baby that is “perfectly happy where it is” decide that it is time to be born? Hint: The grandfather’s bet in the delivery date poll was insufficient incentive?) The photo is here because Nazy really likes that hat. Read More...