Bananas trump cowboys as pumpkins tout gatorade Jack-o-Lantern

At the winery October 2016

Who would prescribe that 16 eight ounce glasses of gatorade be consumed in 4 hours? (And did they know that gatorade tastes like bottled sweat?) What sacrifice did Dan make in order to get a pair of donuts? And who let the grand(est)son eat one of those donuts? Is Tiger aware of the Bugatti brand? And, if not, did Dan buy the model car for himself? Who sketched the concept design for The Martin Family jack-o-lantern? Will Dan and Nazy reuse their banana Halloween costumes? Read More...

smelly cows and racing pigs dominate pumpkin festival

naz pumpkin fingers

What do pigs and cows have to do with pumpkins and autumn? Where is there an international turnip festival? And how does it compare to the global onion jamboree? Who arranged a ride that was literally on a cattle car? How do the Swiss create the cow-filled, picturesque mountain glens? (Hint: think about the cattle car.) Is there a child on the planet that doesn’t like Cotton Candy? Read More...

Chockablock 101 extracts election wisdom and iPhone 7

Dan, nazy, Arrow, October 2016

How did United Airlines ruin Dan’s drive to Los Angeles? What major advantage, from a grandparental viewpoint, does Arrow have over Tiger? (Hint: He stays where you put him.) When did Tiger combine haughty accuracy with caring kindness in a single visit? What could possibly happen to make Dan’s wisdom tooth extraction seem pleasant by comparison? Will building bigger reservoirs solve California’s water shortage? And, finally, will Nazy’s iPhone remain functional long enough to trade it in? Read More...

Dolly lures sliding carousel socks in sleepless birthday ritual

Melika, Tiger, Dan on Merry go round Sept 2016

Will Tiger succumb to peer-pressure and ritual by taking an actual nap? (How did ritual fail in the case of Darius?) Did Tiger insist that Dan celebrate his birthday on the Carousel and the Spiral Slide? Did Dolly Parton sing ‘Happy Birthday, Dan?’ What was Nazy thinking when she gave Dan a pair of socks for this birthday? Or did she lure him into drawing an astronomically unlikely conclusion. And, would the birthday celebration interfere with Jeopardy? Read More...