surprise smokey sunset lights autumn birthday festivities

dan, nazy children, grandchildren Sep 26 2021

Does Dan always celebrate his September birthday in autumn? Will the grandchildren agree to let Dan have the biggest piece of birthday cake? (On Dan’s birthday.) Was the sky really filled with cantaloupes? Why was it necessary to ‘make sure that Arrow’s cough’ was not worrisome? Who reads in the dark? (And Why?) How do 2021 car seats compare to 1960 car seats? We all know that grassy knolls are found in Dallas — but what about rocky knolls? Where was the Lucky birthday dinner/? Read More...

Birthday Arrows with flying hats and soul-less cars

Arrow Birthday photos for TWL 2020

Who celebrated his forth birthday with a major positive behavioral switch? Will any hat be able to dislodge Arrow’s woven fedora? Can Dan and Nazy navigate the challenging task of finding a new car? And speaking of new cars: Is there anyone that lives in Los Angeles that doesn’t need a car? How long did it take for Kia to accept the end-of-lease Soul? (Hint: Many in California believe that it is still March.) Would you trust your gardener with your personally planted sunflowers? Read More...