heavy anniversary U-HAUL makes Nazy’s heart beat fondly

dan and nazy August 2010 fixed maybe matching shirts_NEW copy 2

Why does Dan think that a U-HAUL truck is an appropriate anniversary present? How much does lead crystal actually weigh? Will this year’s wedding celebration top the very special time Dan and Nazy spent celebrating in Sicily? (Where, at least, Mt. Etna did not erupt.) Where were Dan and Nazy when they went camel riding? Did Tiger really touch the Moon? Or at least a piece of the Moon?) Why would anyone book a holiday trip to our nation’s capitol a week before a house move? Read More...

tiger helps rocking horse (2nd) birthday with rabbit cake

naz mel, the boys 2nd bd arrow

Will the big, bold, beautiful behemoth of a unused rocking horse survive the forthcoming Martin Family move? How did Arrow and Tiger conspire to tip the decision-making scales? How did Nazy react? (Hint: Does the phrase ‘I told you so’ spring to mind?) Why is Tiger happy to have his little brother join him at pre-school? And why is Arrow happy that his big brother is with him at school? What do rabbits have to do with a two year old’s birthday? Will Tiger, willing to help blow out the candles, dance at Arrow’s birthday? And, finally, what calamity befell Dan during exercise class? Read More...

fireworks and clowns, circus and congress, boxes and helicopters

Nazy with the boys July 2018

Who turned off Santa Barbara’s natural and environmentally friendly air conditioner: the Pacific Ocean breeze? What is a ‘sundowner’? (Hint: It’s not cool.) Where did the circus find the loaner clowns? Who thinks that July 4th fireworks look like airplanes? Can The Martin Family use a helicopter to assist its move toward the ocean? What algorithm is used to put Dan on so many inappropriate postal mailing lists? (Hint: Dan is not interested in going to college.) How did Arrow and Tiger welcome Nazy’s return to Santa Barbara? Read More...

baby girl revealed at introspective solstice festival and birthday

arrow running June 2018 at Nirvana

How did Melika and Tom reveal the gender of their coming baby — arrival planned for mid August? Did you attend the Tomchela music and arts festival where someone tried to get NASA to spray paint the Moon with one of two colors? What happens at a pre-school graduation ceremony? Why was Tiger’s presence mandatory? What triggered Tiger’s introspective moment? And how did a turtle fountain fix the issue? What’s a HiNote Ultra and why did Dan uncover a case for it? Is a house close to the ocean more susceptible to a meteor strike? Read More...