TAKSI Spices at the Rock Boutique

very colorful beads

Is it a coincidence that the opening scene of the new James Bond movie (Skyfall) took place in the Grand Bazaar? Will the Istanbul taxi drivers scam Dan? (Probably not if Nazy is with him.) Does Nazy know how to drive a Turkish Ferry Boat? Read More...

Moses and Mohammad Queue in Istanbul

hagia sophia at sunset

Did Moses have a staff or a cane? What’s easier to spell: Istanbul or Constantinople? How did Nazy bypass the queue to see the three spoons diamond - an 86 carat boulder? Does mythological history work for you - or are you tied to boring objective fact? And who shut the door to Dan’s Harem? Read More...

Turkish Delights, Bazaar-ing Nights, trouble-free flights

byzzee sofia picture

What’s the excess baggage allowance on Turkish Air? Can Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar survive an assault from Nazy? (And, will the family wallet survive?) What happened when Darius’ laptop entered it’s last lap? (And why does it matter?)