Fashion Guru to NYC Police; Great Comet and inane orders

arrow and Tiger

Why did a New York City policeman ask Dan to be his ‘fashion guru’? And was Dan riding a horse when it happened? Who are Natascha and Pierre (and Josh Groban)? Was the Great was the Comet of 1812 more impressive than Comet Hale-Bopp? Could it play an accordion? How did Dan get trapped talking with a person who ‘owned' two bed and breakfasts in Illinois, a fragrance business in New York, a race car engine factory in Chicago and had a monopoly on baggage carts at O’Hare? (She also had a reservation for a Motel 6.) Which one of (the many) ill-advised
executive actions had a personal impact on The Martin Family? And, if you read all the way to the end, you’ll see side-by-side (or top to bottom) photos of Tiger and Arrow at the same age, Read More...