sticky cotton tightly fits in cheesy chuck’s ear

naz, tiger, arrow C E Cheese Feb 2019

What medical situation not only required ‘urgent care’, but was also a redux of a problem that occurred exactly five years ago? And, more importantly, since it was, eh, somewhat unusual, who was at fault? And why did Dan’s doctor giggle while he… well, don’t you think you should read about it? Have Dan and Nazy gotten all the paperwork needed for the trip down under? Does anyone know how to configure a Nokia Lumina telephone running Microsoft software? And why does it matter? Finally — was Chuck E. Cheese a hit with the grandchildren? Read More...

trackless tunnels and pygmy mammoths sing to museum fish

Azelle as unicorn Feb 2019

Can Dan (with help from his sister, his wife, a professional aquarist, internet references, instructional videos, a Ph.D. in computer science and dedicated chanting) figure out how to program an automatic aquarium fish feeder? Hint: The instructions are printed in a six point font, with green ink on a red background. Dan is red/green colorblind.) How will two year old Arrow find a reference to a railroad tunnel (and track) at a pygmy mammoth museum exhibit? Was that as exciting as the fluorescent rocks? How does magic marker work as make-up? And why was Dan surprised by rain in the rainy season? (And who’s fault was that?) Read More...

globally preposterous drive eventually yields snowy banana entry

Dan and Nazy douglas preserve Feb 2019

Who would voluntarily spend almost 8 hours on a California Freeway to attend a 5 minute meeting? And who could possibly believe that a meeting with the US Customs and Border Protection service could be successfully completed in five minutes? Why couldn’t the trip be rescheduled? Who is the family’s Peace Partner? How did Tiger do on skis? And why are little kids able to ski so fast? (Hint: They don’t ever turn.) How many shopping bags will it take to carry Nazy’s purchase of ‘A bunch of bananas?) How many stairs are there from Mesa Road to the Pacific Ocean? Read More...

Arrow targets lottery flashing floods, Volvos and haircuts

the boys and mel in the inside tent Feb 1 2019

Who turned on the rain in Santa Barbara? What does it mean to ‘shelter in place’ during a flash flood? (Will and indoor tent do the trick?) How did Dan come to own $20 in lottery tickets? (And why wasn’t he intervening when Arrow approached the vending machine?) Why won’t the ‘stylish’ haircut work for Dan? How much has inflation impacted mattress prices in the last 50 years? What happened when (the amazing) Azelle forgot about gravity?