Happy Meal (Compaq-ed) Pension helps write the ending

dan and nazy on beach walk August 1 2020

Why did Fidelity send a letter that said: “We don’t know your address” to Dan’s correct address? Did Dan actually have a forgotten pension that had not been Compaq-tified? Would he remember the secret handshake and the name of his hiring manager? Would the ‘to be mailed’ check fund a yacht? (Or a Big Mac?) Will Tiger appreciate Dan’s suggested ending to the book entitled: “Ralph and the Motorcycle?” (Hint: Ralph is a mouse.) Whose artistic talents does young Leandra appreciate more — Dan’s or Nazy’s? Hint: It’s possible for people to look at any of Nazy’s drawing and actually tell what it depicts. Can Nazy find enough centrifuges to process the honey from Melika and Tom’s hives? Read More...

rainbow connection in tidy, watery pajama party sleepover

dan and nazy with masks on walk

Will Tiger and Arrow ‘get’The Rainbow Connection? Why does Dan need to check his Pajama inventory? Does everything associated with water leak? Everything? Does Azelle really find and hide lock picks and other break in — or more specifically — break out equipment? Who choose the official animal of the Covid-19 pandemic? (And what was the selection?) Was The Martin Family hoarding?