sorry hidden iPad awaits museum and swing

nazy and adams children rose garden Oct 2021

What kind of a store mandates appointments to make purchases? Is there a way around mandates? Have the global supply chain problems come to Santa Barbara? Or, more specifically, how long will it take Dan to get a new iPad? Can Azelle aim an iPhone accurately enough to take a photograph? Where is the ‘absolutely fabulous’ fairy garden? If you’re sorry (Azelle) is it smart to ask a third party (Dan), to convey the message to Nazy? Did you see the (crescent) Moon and Venus?


angelic thunderstorms deliver rainbow mustache pains

cool grandma Nazy

Who is ‘the coolest grandmother ever’? Would you wear wings for your school picture? Is there a ‘best way’ to protect your mustache from a gooey dentist? Hint: novocaine doesn’t work on upper lip, firmly attached mustache hairs. What is the chance that rain will interfere with outside dinner plans? Could an October rain be in the cards for Santa Barbara? And, who washed the car? When did a pile driver become a standard dental instrument? Read More...

surprise smokey sunset lights autumn birthday festivities

dan, nazy children, grandchildren Sep 26 2021

Does Dan always celebrate his September birthday in autumn? Will the grandchildren agree to let Dan have the biggest piece of birthday cake? (On Dan’s birthday.) Was the sky really filled with cantaloupes? Why was it necessary to ‘make sure that Arrow’s cough’ was not worrisome? Who reads in the dark? (And Why?) How do 2021 car seats compare to 1960 car seats? We all know that grassy knolls are found in Dallas — but what about rocky knolls? Where was the Lucky birthday dinner/? Read More...