rainy glaciers express romantic ribeauville hotels

ribeauville 8

Where would you find a ‘romantic room’ (La chambre Romantique) suitable for a ménage à trois? (Hint: It’s not in Switzerland.) What rare event made Dan forgo dessert? (Astonishingly, it wasn’t a turnip cake.) How do you keep the birds from eating your grapes? Read More...

piddle paddling with putin and miserable haircuts

dan crawl 2 in lake

Can Jean Valjean find an affordable barber in Zürich? Why did Moby Dick guide a bleeding Dan to an ice berg in the middle of Lake Zürich? How do you get the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes when a tarantula scurries between your chest and teeshirt? Read More...

Dragon swords and Cello Guns In Lenzberg Castle

Lenzberg castle

Will a casual acquaintance close his 122,000 caret diamond deal? (Can Bugs Bunny eat 122,000
carrots?) Can you picture Nazy riding a motorcycle? How does Dan look in a knight’s helmet? (See here). And, how did Dan get a photo of a Falcon in flight? Read More...

A fistful of scooters bully william in a Sieve


Is the target of a bully the bullyee? Why is marital bliss impossible for Kate and William? Who would set an official Ph.D. diploma on fire? And who made our (unscripted) day? Read More...

Dimly Lit candidates and Persian exhibit in zug

zug old rest

Why are candles brighter than eco-friendly “light” bulbs? (Why are eco-friendly light bulbs brighter than politicians?) What would you do with a silver, chrome-plated Vespa motor scooter? Is there a pink house in Zug, Switzerland? Read More...