Birthday Arrows with flying hats and soul-less cars

Arrow Birthday photos for TWL 2020

Who celebrated his forth birthday with a major positive behavioral switch? Will any hat be able to dislodge Arrow’s woven fedora? Can Dan and Nazy navigate the challenging task of finding a new car? And speaking of new cars: Is there anyone that lives in Los Angeles that doesn’t need a car? How long did it take for Kia to accept the end-of-lease Soul? (Hint: Many in California believe that it is still March.) Would you trust your gardener with your personally planted sunflowers? Read More...

marines layer fog on new walker near hand-holding diapers

PJ photo July 10 2020
What does a PR specialist call Santa Barbara morning fog? Hint: It has something to do with the marines. Who has learned to walk? (And sleep in her high chair.) Can Dan master a Dr. Seuss book that he reads via Zoom? In this case, ‘master’ means that he reads it without having the listener, a three year old who has memorized the book, detect a mistake? Is it good news that 1 year old Azelle has figured out how to remove her diaper? What, or more specifically, ‘who’ will convince Arrow that it’s okay to dip your toes in the ocean? Will Arrow wear his size four pajamas at the party? Read More...

gurgling fountains dither with independence day inoculation

nazy july 4th

Can anything generate more challenges than the simple task of setting up an outdoor fountain? Is there a gravitational anomaly near The Martin Family household? (And to the side of the fountain?) What kind of neighbor would plant trees with dissolving leaves and acid, inedible floating fruit? Did you know about taking the wind into account when making such an installation? Why did we celebrate Independence Day in March? Who likes hats at least a much as Nazy? Hint: It’s a crowded field. Read More...

kernel pops corn in nosey Zoom Father’s Day

dan and Tiger at beach June 24 2020

How did the family cope with a medical emergency? Late on a Sunday night? How can a single popcorn kernel precipitate an emergency? If you’re one year old and want to hide a popcorn kernel, eh, would you consider the ramifications associated with the chosen hiding place? Why is Tiger head over heels with excitement — on a Zoom call? How does Dan’s, somewhat pedestrian family tree effort compare with Nazy’s masterpiece? Hint: How does a tree year old’s chalk drawing compare to the Mona Lisa? Read More...