Bulldozers Bash the Ash with Advents, Rockets and Zebras

Dan and Nazy (XMAS best letter)

Did you know that the first White Christmas in Santa Barbara occurred in 2017? Did you know that White Ash doesn’t melt? Would you come to a Bash the Ash party? How did Tiger turn a shopping expedition to buy a present for Arrow into a negotiation with Dan? Did you see Vandenberg Air Force base’s holiday decoration? (It was spectacular, but didn’t stay in place very long.) Who’s favorite animal is the Zebra? And if you had a toy bulldozer, dump truck and a pliant Aunt taking you to Mission Park — what would you build?

unreflective rush hour freeway rains Christmas stocking shopping miscues

Chrisitiane and Darius funny faces dec 2016

Who thought that it would be a pleasant drive from LAX to Santa Barbara? Pleasant on the Friday before Christmas, at rush hour, in the rain, during construction season? Was the 405 freeway built before reflective paint was invented? Is Melika’s SUV bigger than the USS Nimitz, a nuclear powered air craft carrier? How did Tiger circumvent a promise to ‘not run away’ at the book store? Which tricycle company forgot to put all required parts in the box? (And who discovered that problem Christmas Eve, after the shops had closed?) If you had to choose between two different sized boxes of identical ziplock bags, would you select the 18 count box for $2.89 or the 38 count box for $3.29. Hint: your wife asked you to pick them up at the grocery store with no additional information. Read More...