Blameless Rainy Cakes and Bunnies with Eggs and Lime

The Adams Family Easter 2020

Was the Easter Bunny able to visit during the stay at home order? What did Azelle think of a 6 foot high Easter Bunny with a head the size of the globe at the 1964 World’s Fair in NYC? Was the same Easter Bunny able to visit Bellingham, Washington? How many brown bags does it take to hold ‘a few limes’ and a ‘small sack of cashews’?And how many pounds (kilos? tons?) will said sack(s) weigh? And who made the giant mess in Melika’s kitchen? (And who got blamed?)

Sweepstakes. volcanic ravioli, India Ink and Family Tree

Arrow and Dan Mission April 2020

What are the chances of winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes? (Hint: What’s the population of Planet Earth?) How did a can of Chef Boyardee Ravoli trigger a volcanic interest — a deep and abiding interest — for three-year old Arrow? Why is the center of the Earth hot? And why doesn’t gravity pull magma down? Who is painting a Family Tree? And how will that painting be — if the first entry was born in the 600’s? Read More...

Zoom enables Socially Distant Birthdays

zoom Nazy Birthday

How many days are there in March? Is that number fixed or does COVID19 make changes? Will Dan be able to find the ingredients and skills necessary to bake a cake for Nazy’s birthday? Hint: ‘Yes’ to one half of the question. Does Dan know how to turn on the oven? More to the point, does Dan know what an oven is? How will Zoom, PowerPoint and Play Doh help the celebration? Read More...

savor romantic sunlight reflecting off aluminum tp shelves

boots girls for TWL

Will March, 2020 ever end? Isn’t it nice, in this hustle and bustle world, that you are able to find time to spend with the family? Did anyone mention ‘quality time’? Who would think that corn starch is a suitable replacement for powder sugar? Or kumquats for zucchini? When will our toilet paper order be delivered? How well does Zoom work for birthdays? is it possible to find a worse time to break a foot? Read More...