hatching doves make (long) new year flight to urban farm

tiger and nazy at the farm March 2018

If you’re a newly hatched dove, is it smarter to fly and roost on a rainy roof, or huddle on the dry front stoop sheltered from the rain? How did Nazy help this fledging make the right choice? How much is Dan willing to pay for the traditional gold fish needed to celebrate Persian New Year and the Vernal equinox? Would a Betta be better? (It would certainly be more alliterative.) What is Urban Agriculture? Why were the Tires on the Urban Tractor taking a nap? Who chose the travel agent that booked Darius on a 14,000 mile/36 hour flight? And why was that flight so happy and successful? Read More...

sunny skies and snowy skis sing silly songs

nazy, Mitra Stefan hike March 2018

How did Dan successfully explain “Day and Night” to Tiger? And how is he sure that Tiger ‘got’ it? And, for the next explanation: would you try quantum mechanics or daylight savings time? Where, in the states, can you choose between hiking on a sunny trail with an ocean view or skiing in really snowy mountains? Who flew more than 13,000 miles in a single weekend? And why? Why did Nazy’s Russian nanny vanish one day?


Southern California Rain Storms stream extra shopping orchids

Naz and Arrow Orchids March 9 2018

Who said “it never rains in Southern California”? (Okay, okay! Who sang “it never rains in Southern California?&rdquoWinking. What’s stranger than stormy weather in Santa Barbara? When does “an extra 45% off of entire purchase” mean …, well… nothing? (Hint: Nazy was in Nieman-Marcus.) What attracted Arrow’s attention at the Santa Barbara Orchid show? Before answering you should know that the show had a waterfall. Read More...

Birthday paintings stream, holding hands, through Mars

arrow and Tiger in car holding hands March 2018

Has sibling rivalry vanished as Arrow and Tiger grow? Or, more reasonably, has sibling rivalry lessened as the boys grow? What toys will never be shareable? (Would Dan share his car?) Can anything go wrong when we switch from standard, overpriced (Cox) cable to modern, sleek streaming services? More to the point: can Dan figure out how to watch the Oscars after attempting to make the switch? What did Nazy produce when she resumed her painting? Read More...