baby girl revealed at introspective solstice festival and birthday

arrow running June 2018 at Nirvana

How did Melika and Tom reveal the gender of their coming baby — arrival planned for mid August? Did you attend the Tomchela music and arts festival where someone tried to get NASA to spray paint the Moon with one of two colors? What happens at a pre-school graduation ceremony? Why was Tiger’s presence mandatory? What triggered Tiger’s introspective moment? And how did a turtle fountain fix the issue? What’s a HiNote Ultra and why did Dan uncover a case for it? Is a house close to the ocean more susceptible to a meteor strike? Read More...

The sun in the middle of solstice parades as Leandra sleeps

tiger and nazy at light board july 1 2017

How did marching in last year’s Solstice Parade impact decisions about this year’s festivities Hint: last year the temperature was 100℉, Melika was 8½ months pregnant, and Tiger, miffed that someone wouldn’t let him eat ‘all of the donuts’ insisted on being carried. What is a Santa Barbara cascarone? Will Dan be able to convince Microsoft that he lives in the USA? And why does it matter? Hint: He did not buy Microsoft Word from Nokia when he was working in Geneva. Why does Dan want to change Tiger’s name? And, who is excited by being allowed to sleep 4 (whole) uninterrupted hours? Find answers at The Weekly Letter. The newest issue (The sun in the middle of solstice parades as Leandra sleeps) is available directly by clicking here.

caesar trumps pregnant chocolate solstice donut and parading cupid

Tom, Melika, Dan, tiger Solstice 2016

Will the gods (Zeus. Aphrodite, Poseidon and Cupid) tolerate a ‘hanger-on’ Julius Caesar? And did Dan really think that Caesar was Greek? Would Aphrodite march in a solstice parade if she were eight and a half months pregnant while there was a full moon on a hot summer day? What will Tiger do when he realizes that his ‘Cupid’ wings make him look like a Victoria’s Secret model? How can a fire unburn 600 acres? And, finally, is Dan willing to ‘take one for the country’? Read More...

awaiian Toyota drives to Helium-filled Jupiter on way to Moon

Family b4 parade

Can the family fortune be assured with Helium futures? (And what does that have to do with Zeppelins, World War I and the government?) Have Zombies invaded the family residence? Can Stefan’s Toyota make it to the moon? (And back?) Who will be doing the Hula on Jupiter? (And Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto)? Can Dan and Nazy navigate a stroller through the asteroid belt into Earth Orbit. Read More...