kindergarteners walk backwards toward sky scraping nook

nazy at butterfly beach Feb 2 2021

Can you qualify for Kindergarten? Will a prospective teacher be able to read your handwriting? (Bad news, Dan.) Can you stand on one foot and walk backwards? (Not if asked to do it at the same time.) Can you tell the difference between fact and
fiction? Can you ride a bicycle? In Santa Barbara are abnormally dry conditions actually abnormally good? Especially when comparing abnormally dry to severe drought?

pregnant kangaroos use cursive palmer method script

Nazy Douglas Preserve and Ocean Nov 10 2020

Does anyone remember “The Palmer Method”? Will children growing up in a digital world ever learn how to read — not to mention write — cursive? (Hint: in this context, ‘cursive’ refers to a handwriting style, not a ‘presidental’ speaking style.) Will future generations be able to read handwritten script? Would it be wise to safeguard your musing digitally? And, if so, are floppy disks the appropriate medium? (If you don’t know what a ‘floppy disk’ is, then the question answers itself.) What exactly should be revealed at a ‘reveal’ party? Read More...

Orange (Pumpkins?) Flame Out with Toothless Batty Dragon

Majoon, Dan and the boys Lotusland Oct 2020

Can anyone disguised as Crayola crayon find a, eh, ‘The’ Mad Hatter? And, if so, where should they look? And how did they convince Dan to dress in green. Who was able to find the only puddle in rainless Santa Barbara? And how much did he weigh when carried because his “shoe was wet”? Where was Batman (and family) spotted?How is Dan’s air guitar? Who is the family sand castle expert? (Does a sand dragon count?) And finally: How old should you be when your baby teeth begin to fall out? Hint: How old is Tiger. Read More...