polarized flamingos pull wisdom teeth with Maui iPhone

Tiger and his blue car Sept 2016

What would you do if your dentist, Dr. Vladamir Throb (nicknamed Vlad the Impaler) recommended a wisdom tooth extraction? What if your wife said: “He’ll have to go deep if he’s looking for wisdom”? What do you think about when someone asks for help with a citation? Why did Maui Jim relocate the Hawaiian Islands to Peoria, Illinois? When will Dan and Nazy discover the ‘catch’ in ATT’s latest ‘deal’? Where are the flamencos gray? Read More...

family tree wings toward Braniff birthday arrows and tigers

Dan and Arrow Sept 12 2016

Who has a family tree older than the petrified forest? Can Nazy paint the tree on acid-free and gluten-free paper. (Hey! We live in California.) Where can you find a smiling arrow? Why are colorful letter used to spell Braniff? Why is Nazy thinking about Nigeria while she looks for the perfect birthday present? What’s the difference between wrinkles and laugh lines? Read More...

Conifers pine fir yew in New York musical museum fire engine

All in NYC sept 2016

Did yew know that some ‘pine cones’ haven’t fallen from pine trees? Where can you find a conifer connoisseur to spruce up the house? (And what would you need one fir?) Did Nazy let Tiger play in the sandbox at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan (CMOM)? Where did Tiger master pachinko? Who slept the best on the cross-country red-eye? And, remember the pre-mobility days when a baby who stays where you put him? Remember them fondly. Read More...

Pithy update: Melika and Nazy’s iPhone soaked in Chateau Lafite

The Three kids 1983

Would you keep a bottle of Chateau
LAFITE (2000) in your storage for 16 years? Would the wine be drinkable after the storage in the wine attic? Where can you find a piece of Mars encased in plastic? (And what do you do with it?) Who and how were Melika and Nazy’s iPhone both submerged? Which one of them handled the ‘baptism’ with more aplomb? And: How did The Martin Family look in 1983? Read More...