Georgia Tech

Dan Queues to Mail Schrödinger’s holiday CAT

XMAS Tree 2013

Why would anyone name a dog ‘Schrödinger’? Why do postal clerks go ‘on break’ when Dan is ‘in queue’? Who’s lumbago was acting up? Will The Grinch derail California Christmas tree selection? And: Nazy has lots of party dresses and Nazy recently attended many parties. So.. where was Dan and what did he wear?


16 third street ices Hi-tech mousetrap

sixteen third picture

Do rodent-repelling lessons learned at Dan’s (pre-Nazy) Georgia Tech residence (16 Third Street: The Elite Address in Atlanta) apply in Santa Barbara? How do locals react to (gasp!) windshield frost? And what is the worst way to remove driveway snow? How did Dan end upon the party’s cleanup committee? Read More...