monstrous maned pregnant lions dawdle with humpback whales

Mel and cat 3

How is home renovation related to Melika’s dawdling? Who is the ‘mane’ man? Why does Monster, Melika’s cat, refuse to look in the mirror. (Does it have something to do with his puffy tail?) When will the grand baby arrive? (Hint: you won’t find out by reading this week’s edition of The Weekly Letter.) Read More...

Potted evergreen Lion befuddles dropped Dyson vacuum

nifty street in Montreal

Warlocks? Silversmiths? Dan’s lion ring? How will it all turn out? Is Dan, like an unemployed court jester, nobody’s fool? Do you push the red button or the silver button first? (If you chose wrong, you’ll be covered in dusty debris.) Who is Stan Nardon and why did he generate a false alarm? And why is there a photo from Isfahan, Iran in this week’s issue of The Weekly Letter? Read More...

rental car immobilization leads to Ring ransom in New England

dab and nazy circque in Montreal

United Airlines delivers Dan and Nazy across the continent - on-time! (With some drama.) Dreadlocked warlocks demand ransom for Dan’s Lion Ring. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) Bedlam Abode, The Martin Family residence in Hanover, NH (1986-1989; 1994-2001) is still standing. Nazy’s IWC in the Upper Valley celebrates 20 years with a huge prom party Read More...

Dr. Seuss Writes Troll Stories on Dan’s Typewriter

nazy with rocking horse

Did Melika’s obstetrician formerly handle scheduling for United Airlines? Why does Dan believe that the TSA outsourced work to Malaysia? Who recused The Martin Family troll (and cabbage patch) collection? Did you know that Mark Twain was the first person to write a book on a typewriter? (Or, if you’re younger, do you know what a typewriter is.. eh, was?) Why does Dan believe that his typewriter’s age is Jurassic?