skid row’s falling branches vaccinate moon phase Watch

nazy and DArius Jan 20 hike

Who misplaced the passport office by 99 city blocks? (And who decided to drive those Wilshire Blvd blocks during rush hour?) Which illegal alien dropped branches on The Martin Family patio? Did Dan really replace the mechanical “watch of his dreams’ with an expensive quartz model? (And what does that have to do with buying a house?) And, how did Nazy contract Whooping Arm?


paper writing wizard with heavy passport wants Whale House

Darius and his paper's one

Who is a paper-writing wizard? (And is he responsible for the papers scattered all over the house?) Who has a passport too thick to fit in the overhead compartment? Can anything take longer and move slower than a Friday morning rush hour drive into Los Angeles? (Hint: it involves interaction with a governmental agency.) Would you consider living in “The Whale House”? Would you reconsider if the real estate agent was named Jonah?

Wildebeest with Glasses visits Mexico with mabel & Mortimer

mitra and Stefan again

Dan flew to Newark (as in New Jersey) voluntarily. Why? Can anything go wrong? (Hint: Dan flew on United Airlines.) Who booked the wildebeest in the economy seating section? Did the airline treat Mabel and Morty appropriately? Why did Darius need his passport for a trip to San Diego? And, Dan claimed: “Tijuana is boring!” What happened to prove his point? Read More...

Roof-top camera found on La Cumbra New Year Lemon

Family 2 2015

What happens to a digital camera that is left on the roof of a car that is accelerating onto the freeway (in sport mode)? (And who left it there?) If you’re ready for sold food, does that mean you’re ready to taste lemons? What is more photogenic: the first set of (McDonalds) Golden Arches or the Golden Gate Bridge? Can Dan and Nazy convince the grand(est)son that it’s New Year in California when the Ball comes down in Times Square in New York? Read More...

Mr. Treehead frosts lost sugar luggage in backgammon Win

tiger and Tom Dec 24 2014

Can Darius outsmart the airlines and avoid excess baggage fees? Will Nazy and Dan find him at the airport? Can Dan reign victorious in the family backgammon championship. Will the baby like mashed apples? Will Monster the cat like his reindeer antler hat? And will a new Christmas decoration idea spread like wildfire? Read More...

sledding Hamsters in ugly sweaters text the NSA

nazy at manhattan beach

In the area of abrasiveness does sand trump snow? More to the point: would you try to sled down a sand dune? Should hamsters attend a Yankee Swap? Why is the NSA listening to Nazy’s shampoo? And how does Apple discourage iPhone replacement. (Hint: do not send a text message to Dan’s Lumina phone.) And, finally, where can you buy the ugliest Christmas sweater on the planet? Read More...

Wet christmas cat deletes outsourced holiday songs

Melika and cat adjusted

Why does a year’s worth of rain fall in one day in California? How did Dan apply business lessons (right-sourcing) to the Christmas Tree process? What feline care lessons did Melika learn when we lived in The Netherlands? Is a fossilized tree a good bet for the living room? Dan set up Nazy’s new phone, so why is he having so much trouble with his own phone? Read More...