Whales crawl, BMWs talk, Arrows dance and Tigers confuse

music class yellow bird arrow April 2017

Is Coachella simply Woodstock without the rain and counterculture? How did emergency services handle the hijack of Dan’s car? Did matter that a two-year old had seized control of the panic button? How did Tiger deploy a well-placed ‘Excuse me’ in lieu of tears or a tantrum? Can Arrow find a dignified way to crawl? (Hint: dignified = do not put your knees on the ground.) Did anyone tell the whales that we were going to be watching? And, why was Arrow clowning around with percussion instruments?


Wildflower Super Bloom hides on Mars with United de-electing staff

Selfie in yellow

Can Dan and Nazy find the California Wildflower super-bloom that can be seen from the International Space Station? And, on the space theme, why is it located in the desert where the Mars Rover was tested? Is it relevant that, Curiosity, the name of the Mars Rover does not need gasoline? Or is it more important that Curiosity killed the cat? Did domestic tranquility prevail when Nazy assumed the role of auto navigation computer? In a related topic, were the Santa Barbara airport police able to drag a passenger onto a United flight? And, should we all hope that the government outsources Air Force One service to United Airlines? Read More...

Neon graveyard in Death Valley presages Mojave campout

nazy and Dan on neon museum

Who would propose a romantic trip to Death Valley as a birthday gift? (Hint: the person celebrating her birthday gave the proposer a colonoscopy for his birthday.) Where is the hottest, the driest and the lowest US National Park? Would you want to visit a tacky, neon lit cemetery? (Well, we were in Las Vegas.) Should you listen to a navigation computer that recommends a route that is 75 miles longer? And, related: Is there anything to do when you’re completely stopped, between Mojave desert exits, on the I-15? Read More...

Birthday body glitters with Beatles red sole sales

dan and Nazy April 2017 Wynn

Who had an April Fool’s Day birthday in Las Vegas? How did Dan get body paint and glitter dabbed into his beard? Why would anyone want $hoe
$ with red soles? Was Cirque du Solei able to resurrect The Beatles or was it all a Mirage? Where can you see a giant statue of Popeye? What did Dan do when reminded to use ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’? Read More...

verizon’s event horizon breaks kumquats and hearts in lotusland

dan and arrow March 2017 lotusland

Who’s palate is so ‘sophisticated’ that he likes the taste of kumquats? How did Verizon’s customer ‘service’ vanish into the event horizon of a nearby black hole? (This was the Verizon Event Horizon.) Would ATT or Sprint have been better? Would you trust FedEx to deliver the heart being used for your transplant surgery? Where did we learn that Spanish Moss isn’t Spanish and isn’t Moss? Read More...

Daylight saving grace at New Year derrières with blue M&M

Arrow on table March 2017

Is there any advantage of daylight savings time? (Or ‘summer time’ as they call it in Europe?) Can The Arrow fly? (Hint: he has a walker.) How can literal translations of traditional Persian greetings make you the butt of jokes? How can a shortage of blue
M&Ms create a two year old meltdown? When is stopping for coffee a really dumb idea? Read More...

equinox blue spectacles and gray wildflowers replace granite

Tiger and Nazy at Lake March 2017

Why must the vernal equinox arrived at 3:28 Pacific Daylight Time? It’s not daylight at 3:28AM. And is it too late for Nazy to stay up or too early for Dan to get up? And why does it matter anyway? Who is wearing new blue spectacles? Hint: It is his favorite color — along with yellow. Are the fabled orange poppies blooming after epic winter rains. Or is a Heimlich Maneuver required to kickstart the flowers? And who is sporting a handlebar mustache? (Or, perhaps, a handlebar pacifier?) Finally, now that it’s been moved outside, does any life remain in the fable Martin Family dining room table? Read More...