A Real Analysis of The Buick Anniversary Celebration

Children and Nazy 1988 copy

When did Dan and Nazy celebrate their ‘Buick’ anniversary? (And where were they living at the time?) Was Nazy shocked to discover that Dan would be at home for his wedding anniversary? Why is a Santa Barbara celebration better than a Sicilian holiday? How is the grandspring doing? (What is a grandspring?) Did KLM actually help celebrate?


Beach Balls, Lost Marbles, Trampolines and the Matterhorn

smiling with properller hat

Why did the neighbor ask Dan about a trampoline purchase? What does a giant marble table have to do with lost marbles? Why are Dan’s socks getting lighter? Who would go to Greece when the banks have no money? (Hint: An economist.) Who, when presented with a ukulele, a tambourine and a drum, chose a beach ball as his favorite musical instrument? Read More...

Table Mountain transplants paper kidney to my chair

young tiger in the rose garden July 2015

Why does the surgical center think Dan should take kidney transplant medication before a laser eye treatment? If washing the car is illegal, what can possibly be done to end the California drought? Hint: The government is doing it, so it will be expensive. It also has something to do with the Pacific Ocean, mothballs and special taxes. Why does our dinning room set have 4 ‘normal’ chairs, one Captain’s chair and an Admiral’s chair? And does Nazy really want to move Mt. Fuji into our California residence? Read More...

Referee counts words while Nazy wears hats correctly

zEl encanto nazy birthday 2015 cropped copy

Should Darius call for a video review of a referee’s decision? Who has the best hats? Audrey Hepburn in Sound of Music? Or, Nazy in Life with the Family? And, speaking of hats, did Dan inherit a ‘wear your hat silly’ gene from his Dad? Who steers when the grand(est)son decides to push his own stroller? And - what would happen to the grand(est)son’s moniker if another grandson were to arrive? (The first(est) son wonders.)

Magic planet-wielding street dancing stroller-filled parade

Tiger, Dan and Mitra june 20 2015

How can the grand(est)son sleep next to a blaring 10,000 Watt speaker system when you want him to be awake? How can the grand(est)son wake up because he heard a bird feather fell in the driveway 800 meters away? Can Dan fumble a simple stroller-pushing task? The Music Man led 76 trombones in the Big Parade, but who led the 9 planets? If a Magician asked you to pick a big word, would you chose “drop” or “transcontinental”? (Hint: It’s amBIGuous.) Read More...

awaiian Toyota drives to Helium-filled Jupiter on way to Moon

Family b4 parade

Can the family fortune be assured with Helium futures? (And what does that have to do with Zeppelins, World War I and the government?) Have Zombies invaded the family residence? Can Stefan’s Toyota make it to the moon? (And back?) Who will be doing the Hula on Jupiter? (And Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto)? Can Dan and Nazy navigate a stroller through the asteroid belt into Earth Orbit. Read More...

Swimming, dancing, walking tiger babbles epithets at Skype

Family all on Tigers birthday

Can Skype bring a baby to tears? What does Dan have in common with the graduation speaker at the American University of Beirut? The grand(est)son’s dancing genes are shared by Mitra, but where did he get his babbling genes? Who gets his comeuppance - and why? And, didn’t someone, a grand(est) someone have a birthday party? Read More...