Flooded meteor crater ruins tomatoes and slimy parakeet

nazy, Arrow, Dan mirror Feb 2017

Where is the sun in Southern California? Where are there potholes the size of meteor craters? How much did our creek contribute to the global rise in sea level? Is it really fun to help clean up? (What’s Tiger’s take?) Why did our pet slug say that the parakeet was slimy? Who can sit up and hold his own bottle?


Valentine Champagne: Admirals, Judges and Chinese Apps

Tiger, nazy on tricycle

What advice did KLM have for Dan? And is it still applicable? Why did THE ADMIRAL claim that rain is the under-appreciated asset that makes America bountiful and rich. (And is it possible to be too bountiful and rich?) Will Dan need assistance from THE JUDGE over a never-ending license plate foible? Can THE PROFESSOR teach a two-year old keyboard basics? How about touchscreen etiquette? On a related note, did you know that a touchscreen chock-full of chocolate is responsively challenged? Read More...

Mitra and electric Soul arrive as drought (almost) ends

mitra, Stefan and Soul

Why can a Santa Barbara project manager claim credit for ending the California drought? Hint: the desalination plant is about to come on-line. How will the local citizenry respond when green appears in the landscape? (What about wildflowers?) Why is the exact distance between Mitra’s home in Los Angeles and our home in Santa Barbara so very important? What drove Stefan to scale the challenging ravine next to our driveway? Can a 2 year old sum up soccer in a single sentence? And, what would Benjamin Franklin say?


Fashion Guru to NYC Police; Great Comet and inane orders

arrow and Tiger

Why did a New York City policeman ask Dan to be his ‘fashion guru’? And was Dan riding a horse when it happened? Who are Natascha and Pierre (and Josh Groban)? Was the Great was the Comet of 1812 more impressive than Comet Hale-Bopp? Could it play an accordion? How did Dan get trapped talking with a person who ‘owned' two bed and breakfasts in Illinois, a fragrance business in New York, a race car engine factory in Chicago and had a monopoly on baggage carts at O’Hare? (She also had a reservation for a Motel 6.) Which one of (the many) ill-advised
executive actions had a personal impact on The Martin Family? And, if you read all the way to the end, you’ll see side-by-side (or top to bottom) photos of Tiger and Arrow at the same age, Read More...

Gravity and Tiger’s cars; weather snarls (some) marching travel

Arrow and Tiger with cars copy

Are Dan’s ‘bad luck travel genes’ inheritable? it usually takes geologic forces to move mountains — so how did Mother Nature do with something as simple as water? Hint: it was lots of water. In an unprecedented (and totally unexpected) moment, Tiger shared his cars with Arrow. But, did Tiger know what six-month old and teething babies do to everything they pick up? Did anyone in The Martin Family join the Women’s March? Read More...

trojan horse invades soggy greek creek with tasty rice

with the cherry picker

Can Dan cope with the new political reality — his
orangeness? Is it possible for ‘stuff’ to displace an amount of ‘air’ sufficient to cause breathing problems in The Martin Family household? Is there any progress on the SRP (stuff removal project)? Who bought ‘THE” Trojan Horse — and left it Dan’s study? Can anyone to have so much checked baggage that it doesn’t fi inside Melika’s SUV? (Hint: Melika’s SUV has 18 wheels.) Why is this year’s rainy season so unusual? Read More...

waiting time heals hidden license and tricycle steering foibles

nazy dan Tiger arrow mission walk jan 2017

Who managed to lose the front license plate before he could figure out how to install it? And, is THE LAW that mandates a front license plate actually enforced in California? What is a California Legacy License Plate? (And is it really Gluten-free?) Does the American Healthcare system offer a sure-fire, quick way to recover from the flu? Who chants the mantra: “Sit down and Wait?” In a contest for steering control of the tricycle would you support Tiger or Dan? Read More...