trojan horse invades soggy greek creek with tasty rice

with the cherry picker

Can Dan cope with the new political reality — his
orangeness? Is it possible for ‘stuff’ to displace an amount of ‘air’ sufficient to cause breathing problems in The Martin Family household? Is there any progress on the SRP (stuff removal project)? Who bought ‘THE” Trojan Horse — and left it Dan’s study? Can anyone to have so much checked baggage that it doesn’t fi inside Melika’s SUV? (Hint: Melika’s SUV has 18 wheels.) Why is this year’s rainy season so unusual?


waiting time heals hidden license and tricycle steering foibles

nazy dan Tiger arrow mission walk jan 2017

Who managed to lose the front license plate before he could figure out how to install it? And, is THE LAW that mandates a front license plate actually enforced in California? What is a California Legacy License Plate? (And is it really Gluten-free?) Does the American Healthcare system offer a sure-fire, quick way to recover from the flu? Who chants the mantra: “Sit down and Wait?” In a contest for steering control of the tricycle would you support Tiger or Dan? Read More...

Elvis, Yoda, test pilot and mime share sugar cookie photo op

Short family Dec 2016

Can holiday tradition (a double batch of sugar cookies) withstand challenge (a single batch)? Can sharing be taken a step too far? Will Melika’s costume closet, eh, room, eh, warehouse provide adequate inspiration for the annual Martin Family photo? Who gets to be Elvis? Will Tiger use The Force as Yoda or will force be needed to persuade Tiger to be Yoda? Can Nazy replicate a baby pose from the 70’s? Read More...

unreflective rush hour freeway rains Christmas stocking shopping miscues

Chrisitiane and Darius funny faces dec 2016

Who thought that it would be a pleasant drive from LAX to Santa Barbara? Pleasant on the Friday before Christmas, at rush hour, in the rain, during construction season? Was the 405 freeway built before reflective paint was invented? Is Melika’s SUV bigger than the USS Nimitz, a nuclear powered air craft carrier? How did Tiger circumvent a promise to ‘not run away’ at the book store? Which tricycle company forgot to put all required parts in the box? (And who discovered that problem Christmas Eve, after the shops had closed?) If you had to choose between two different sized boxes of identical ziplock bags, would you select the 18 count box for $2.89 or the 38 count box for $3.29. Hint: your wife asked you to pick them up at the grocery store with no additional information. Read More...

Amazon reigns on upside down graduation Christmas Tree light

Tiger at Swimming school graduation Dec 2016

Why didn’t the graduating Tiger wear a gown to go with his cap? Hint: He was also wearing a bathing suit at the time. Is it possible to string Christmas Tree lights the wrong way? Why is the obvious corrective move ‘illegal and dangerous’? (And why is explaining that to your wife equally dangerous?) Did Dan buy a Gulfstream 500 Jet on Amazon? Speaking of Amazon, what is two-step verification? Will Dan finish the annual Christmas Letter before Christmas. Read More...

Hotel loses a pink elephant,10,000 pennies and a Wocket in my Pocket

dan and naz dec 10 2016

Is Dr. Seuss the greatest author to hit the literary scene since Bill Shakespeare? If you’re two years old and you’ve got a Wocket in your Pocket, then you know the answer. How did La Grande Hotel Intercontinental (Paris) deliver such abject disappointment? Who put the space-time continuum at risk? Does anyone know how much 10,000 pennies weighs? And why is Dan abandoning his quest for his own private jet? Read More...

El Clásico cable service ties artsy Harley Davidson sculpture

Dan and Arrow Dec 1 2016

Did Dan’s toenail become ingrown while he waited on the helpless line with his local cable ‘service’ provider? Why did he consider learning Portuguese instead of waiting? What do you want to see in a sporting event? Why do children think that it’s fun to stay awake in the middle of the night? (And, in this case, in the middle of the bed?) Can young Arrow actually sit up? (Almost all by himself?)