Feline ice-cubes celebrate grandest iPhone Equinox

Tom, Melika, Jamsheed 3 months

How does the cat react when he realizes that he’s not the top dog? How do we know that the cat is a Tango aficionado? (Hint: it has to do with a bandoneon.) Why should the autumn equinox be celebrated with a freshly baked cake? Will ice cubes work as drip irrigation technology? How did Dan get access to photographs of the iPhone7c?


Blue Suede Situations hoist Chopstick Lifesavers

dan and Jamsheed Sept 12

What do biceps have in common with chopsticks and candy lifesavers? Is it possible to polish blue suede shoes? Why does Dan think that Roentgen is responsible for the condition of Darius’ sneakers? Is it wise to consider a job offer from a university that has a ‘situation’? (Does any university not have a situation?) Read More...

Tale told by Friends Romans and candles strutting and fretting

family scared 2014

How does Dan weave Hamlet and MacBeth into a weekly letter celebrating the autumn equinox? And what were you dreaming about on a midsummer’s night? Did you know that midsummer - in fact all of summer - ended on September 1st? Why does Darius need designer shoes before he returns to Beirut? Read More...

Pacific Coast Mission rattles Redwood Earthquake

all family 9 week baby

Why did a missing Mission in Monterey allow Darius to drop Dan’s Popsicle in the mud? Does this letter really include a photograph of a ‘bump on a log’? (And, if so, who is the bump?) How can a herd of elephant seals disguise themselves on a California beach? And did you know that Redwood trees are actually chocolate brown? And, finally, how well did The Martin Family cope with the California earthquake? Read More...

Oklahoma hats drive on dangerous Macbook Amateur

dan nazy and TRA IV 7ish weeks

Why were magnets and tractor beams needed on a simple holiday expedition? Will Darius be able to make friends with Madeline the navigation computer? Is Darius really teaching martial arts to his new nephew? And does everyone in the family like hats Read More...

polo ponies in tanks assault francless bank account


Who gets to replace divots at the Polo Grounds? What is the easiest job on the planet? (And why hasn’t it been outsourced?) Is there a simple solution to the ISIS insurgency? What have we done to make Darius feel at home during his visit? And how did the grandest son snap a selfie? Read More...

Wells Fargo Studebaker delivers Contact Lens Flowers


How does the world’s coolest grandson look in a cowboy hat? Who would buy a clutch-less Studebaker with a hole in the floor? And why is a Studebaker carriage the key exhibit in a Santa Barbara Museum? In fact, what is a Studebaker? What country makes it most difficult to replace a contact lens? (Hint: It is not Lebanon ?)