Arrows fly while Tigers sigh on 44th anniversary high

naz, dan, Admiral at wedding

Last week a newest grandest baby arrived in Santa Barbara. Were Tom and Melika ready? How did they come up with a name? Hint: it involved the I Ching and a movie western. Has young Tiger, the oldest grand(est)son, developed a love of arrows? (Or at least one particular arrow?) Did Dan remember his wedding anniversary? (Without being reminded?)


I am asking you to have a baby, Melika. It’s been 9 Months

Adams family july 15 2016 at hospital

Why was Melika still pregnant after her due date passed? Or, as Tiger put it: “I am asking you, Mama, to have that baby.” Was monster (the cat) the only phlegmatic member of the waiting family? What comes to mind when the doctor says “… water broke…”? (For me, the vision included water balloons and balconies.) Did Melika (finally) take action after realizing that without movement, there would be a dearth of weekly letter material? Did the family pull together to deliver this baby or was it mainly Melika's pushing? Read More...

Blue Jay flitches iPad contraction button at hatless carriage museum

Nazy and Tiger at Carriage Museum July 2016

The beginning: Does Apple believe that any music played with a violin is ‘classical’ music? Does it count if the violin is strung with barbed wire and played with a sandpaper bow? Can Dan and Nazy train a determined blue Jay? (More descriptively, how quickly did the Jay train Dan and Nazy?) Will an iPad work if the ‘BIG BUTTON’ is broken? Who noticed that carriage wheels from the 1800’s don’t have ‘tire inflation valves’? And, finally, has anyone noticed that random and irregular contractions have begun? Read More...

greek pharaoh Korfu labors with car and vacationing doctor

nazy at solstice

Is Khufu a Greek Island or an Egyptian Pharaoh? And what does he (or it) have to do with Albania?) How would you feel if your obstetrician went on a two week holiday that ended on your due-date? Patient? Impressed with the confidence she has in her predictive capability? What is better than baby Motrin for baby fevers? (Hint: Tiger has his own, very clearly communicated, suggestion.) How has baby delivery changed over the past few decades? Read More...

caesar trumps pregnant chocolate solstice donut and parading cupid

Tom, Melika, Dan, tiger Solstice 2016

Will the gods (Zeus. Aphrodite, Poseidon and Cupid) tolerate a ‘hanger-on’ Julius Caesar? And did Dan really think that Caesar was Greek? Would Aphrodite march in a solstice parade if she were eight and a half months pregnant while there was a full moon on a hot summer day? What will Tiger do when he realizes that his ‘Cupid’ wings make him look like a Victoria’s Secret model? How can a fire unburn 600 acres? And, finally, is Dan willing to ‘take one for the country’? Read More...

Butterfly Museum in Firefly City excites birthday Tiger

Tiger blowing candles june 2016

Is Tiger ready to interact with a tent full of fluttering butterflies? Or will he find a T-Rex exhibit, a Blue Whale sculpture or a live barn owl more exciting? Did a cosmic ray cause a mutation that made caterpillars create butterflies that morphed into fireflies? (It must be true, what else could have started the local fire?) And who told Dan that “You have to catch me!”? Read More...

Toys R Us archeological find chalks up Birthday Car

parents asking babies to smile

Was it Nazy or Dan that was brave enough to venture into The Storage. Did that certain someone actually find something useful in The Storage? What toy store’s financials were impacted by the huge magnitude of the find? Who arranged the entirely appropriate chalk drawing at the annual I Madonnari exhibit by the Old Mission? (And why was it appropriate?) How did young Tiger, the grand(est)son celebrate his second birthday?