You promised me an Iranian Hat box garden

HAT dan in Iceland

Does Dan have more hats than Nazy or does Nazy have more hat boxes than the Mad Hatter? How would you come down on the tradeoff between rose fragrance and cut rose longevity? What is commercially the most popular rose color? When it comes to customer friendliness, which embassy, Iranian or American, is the winner. How about if you measure effectiveness? And, finally, and easy one: Who is going to tour Iran in a few weeks? Read More...

Giant hats fly United Rabbit-Ear cooking class

nazy and yellow hat

Who ‘needs’ a giant yellow hat? (And who makes the hat look great?) Do you recall rabbit-ear TV antennas? (And which airline still uses them on the inflight entertainment system?) What kind of recipes should you study if you’re about to go on maternity leave? And, why does Credit Suisse want to close Dan’s account? Read More...

Beer Pong Baby Shower and birthing video cancelled By United


Want to learn more about Melika’s experiences and preparation for the coming grandchild? Do you know the rules that govern a beer pong tournament? (Should these rules be adjusted if the tournament takes place during a baby shower?) Is your prescription medication insurance better than Dan’s? Why would anybody book United Airlines via Denver? Read More...

Birthday with red cirque Slots and Chihuly Chandelier

sign to LV

Where should a high roller celebrate a birthday? (Does an $8.75 investment in the slot machine make you a ‘high roller’?) Where do you hang a $20,000,000 Chandelier that’s roughly the size of (and weight) of the Brooklyn Bridge? Who would go to Las Vegas in search of nature’s beauty? Can Dan safely photograph the illusive and dangerous stink bug in the wild?