hummingbird underwears butterfly bricklayer on tulip anniversary

darius, christiane nazy and umbrella April 2018

Who told the local hummingbird colony about The Martin Family Petunia Plantation? Does Tiger want to read ‘The Creepy Pair of Underwear’ book? Would you hire a butterfly as a bricklayer? Are there any flaws in the story about the Dutch Tulip Mania? Hint: Was the story initially touted by a ‘journalist’ in the 18th Century? And, on the subject of Tulips: Have you heard about the Skagit County Tulip Festival? How does it compare to Holland’s Keukenhof? Finally, did The Lovely Leandra get over her fear of grandfatherly beards? Read More...

Southern California Rain Storms stream extra shopping orchids

Naz and Arrow Orchids March 9 2018

Who said “it never rains in Southern California”? (Okay, okay! Who sang “it never rains in Southern California?&rdquoWinking. What’s stranger than stormy weather in Santa Barbara? When does “an extra 45% off of entire purchase” mean …, well… nothing? (Hint: Nazy was in Nieman-Marcus.) What attracted Arrow’s attention at the Santa Barbara Orchid show? Before answering you should know that the show had a waterfall. Read More...

Wildflower Super Bloom hides on Mars with United de-electing staff

Selfie in yellow

Can Dan and Nazy find the California Wildflower super-bloom that can be seen from the International Space Station? And, on the space theme, why is it located in the desert where the Mars Rover was tested? Is it relevant that, Curiosity, the name of the Mars Rover does not need gasoline? Or is it more important that Curiosity killed the cat? Did domestic tranquility prevail when Nazy assumed the role of auto navigation computer? In a related topic, were the Santa Barbara airport police able to drag a passenger onto a United flight? And, should we all hope that the government outsources Air Force One service to United Airlines? Read More...


nazy with tiger at lotus land

Is it possible to celebrate Persian New Year with a yellow hyacinth instead of a gold fish? Do Koi and goldfish get along together? More precisely, would you rather be the Koi or the goldfish?). Who knows the half-life of toxic Eucalyptus saw dust? Can a baby outtalk a docent? And who is ‘an enemy of the average’? Read More...

Orchids Post Watercolor Butterflies on a Mission

jailhouse sb

What is easier to paint: a caterpillar or a butterfly? (And why choose the hard one?) Who was running the post office in 1770? (And how did he guarantee next day delivery between Philadelphia and Boston?) Can Nazy get California orchids to re-bloom? (Is that a good Mission?) Did Darius celebrate his birthday by appearing on an Iraqi news program? Read More...

Silent Moorish frogs read best sellers in colorful pants

naz and yellow lily

Does Dan have time to solve the Riemann hypothesis and find the Higgs boson? Are fiddlehead ferns in the soggy moor an aphrodisiac for the local frogs? Is it possible that Nazy’s pants are more colorful than Dans? Have you bought Amazon best seller: Stumbling Through the Tulips?


pansies spring into detoxed defunct internet banks


Is there a “I don’t do windows” clause in Dan’s marital contract? What will win The Martin Family’s spring popularity contest: Pansy or Geranium? Could Darius be happy with his bank?  And would Melika’s diet be ruled cruel punishment if served to prisoners?