New Zealand

earthquake resistant hotel punts Mt. Cook on River Avon

Dan and Nazy on BIG chair in Christchurch

What should you do when you’ve flown 10,000 kilometers to see Mt. Cook — only to have your trip cancelled 62 minutes before departure? Where can you stay in ‘the Old Government Building” (OGB) in a ‘room’ with 22 foot ceilings, two stories, a kitchen, a dinning room, a bathroom installed in the ‘walk-in safe’ and with a view of the Central City Square? And, eh, isn’t it good that the OGB was retrofitted to be earthquake proof. (Or at least earthquake resistant?) Where is Akaroa and why do we care? Why was Dan confused about the turn signal stalk and the windshield wiper control? Who was the best punter? Hint: It was on the River Avon.