Rainy season Eclipses talkative Banana Hat

baby by tree Oct 2014 Mitra, naz

Can Dan parlay his Nigeria rainy season experience into success with a partial eclipse? More importantly, does Dan remember any rainy experiences? Can looking straight at the sun during a partial eclipse damage a camera lens? Will readers of TWL be impressed with a a photo of an emaciated and desiccated sun? What is the child rearing secret to creating a business executive? Who turned a blanket into a hat? (And why?) Read More...

Totally sitting Swimmer eclipses parrothead socks

jamshid swimming on back

What has Dan learned from the grand(est)son? And how did he apply the new knowledge in a realistic dental office setting? Is it possible to teach a 4 month old baby to swim? (Hint: He isn’t afraid of the ‘deep’ end because his feet don’t reach the bottom in the shallow end.) Who outgrew his swim suit while he was in the pool? And, finally, learn how Dan plans to address Nazy’s lunar eclipse concerns. Read More...

Totally eclipsed desitin tricks overnight baby


Who scheduled a 3:00
AM lunar eclipse?  Who mishandled the tube of Desitin?  And, how are these two events related?  Can a quality zoom feature trump trembling hands? How will Dan and Nazy handle and overnight baby sitting challenge? And, does a new computer solve all problems? Read More...

Palm Springs Eternal Boy Scout Parking proposition

baby in car seat

Is it better for humanity if legislators don’t legislate? On a related topic, would anyone notice if Congress didn’t do anything?) How did Dan’s brother fill a gaping hole in Dan’s library? Is it too late for Dan to get his basket weaving merit badge? Can Nazy conquer the valet parking process in Palm Springs? And, where can you see the latest image of the grand(est)son? Read More...