Lakers magnifying risk takes a little off the top Dodger

Nazy phone lakers family

Where could you successfully apply for a job if your CV included positions like: “Chief Safety Officer, Chernobyl” or “Chief Risk Officer, Lehman Brothers”, or “Head, Navigation, Titantic”? Would you ask Marie Antonette’s hairdresser to ‘take a little off the top’? Is it dangerous to leave a magnifying glass on the window sill of a south facing window in Santa Barbara? How will the Lakers do? (And the Dodgers?) Who’s sleepover pajamas are stripe-less? Read More...

Infinite helicopters plague typhoid (mary)canine family fun night

Dan's birthday 2020 Fellowship

How do number sequences and important calendar dates combined to provide a theme for the latest issue of The Weekly Letter? Hint: Could it have anything to do with a birthday? What is Friday Family Fun Night and who gets the biggest piece of cake? What kind of a number is infinity? How many parts are there in Tiger and Arrow’s ‘make a helicopter’ construction set? Hint: see previous question. What should you do when your dog frightens a child? Hint: Don’t get into a discussion with Tiger. Read More...

cameras, rockets and honey battle gravity, chemistry and tradition

Grandchildren Sept 20 2020 on Turtle

Who didn’t want to take any more pictures? And, if you don’t want to take pictures, is a wedding the best place to be? Who is able to thrill three children by spotting a snail — and a column of migrating ants? How long does it take for a centrifuge to spin a couple of frames of beehive sufficiently? Why was the model rocket named “Vlad”? In what ways is a vinegar and baking soda powered volcano superior to a vinegar and baking soda powered rocket? How many ways can a model rocket parachute fail to deploy? Read More...