Magic planet-wielding street dancing stroller-filled parade

Tiger, Dan and Mitra june 20 2015

How can the grand(est)son sleep next to a blaring 10,000 Watt speaker system when you want him to be awake? How can the grand(est)son wake up because he heard a bird feather fell in the driveway 800 meters away? Can Dan fumble a simple stroller-pushing task? The Music Man led 76 trombones in the Big Parade, but who led the 9 planets? If a Magician asked you to pick a big word, would you chose “drop” or “transcontinental”? (Hint: It’s amBIGuous.) Read More...

awaiian Toyota drives to Helium-filled Jupiter on way to Moon

Family b4 parade

Can the family fortune be assured with Helium futures? (And what does that have to do with Zeppelins, World War I and the government?) Have Zombies invaded the family residence? Can Stefan’s Toyota make it to the moon? (And back?) Who will be doing the Hula on Jupiter? (And Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto)? Can Dan and Nazy navigate a stroller through the asteroid belt into Earth Orbit. Read More...

Swimming, dancing, walking tiger babbles epithets at Skype

Family all on Tigers birthday

Can Skype bring a baby to tears? What does Dan have in common with the graduation speaker at the American University of Beirut? The grand(est)son’s dancing genes are shared by Mitra, but where did he get his babbling genes? Who gets his comeuppance - and why? And, didn’t someone, a grand(est) someone have a birthday party? Read More...

Red light cedar preserves Lebanon monastery traffic

cut off dar and Chrsitinae elephants

How did Lebanon’s cedars illuminate common approaches from Queen Victoria and Roman Emperor Hadrian? Where do New York City taxi drivers get trained? What promoted Darius to move into a really nice apartment? (Or, more accurately, Who promoted the move?) Where can you see the first printing press in the Middle East? Is there really a place called Deir Qozhaya? Read More...