baby loves books (with salt) while Dan blows birthday fire

at Zaytoon Sept 2019

Who is into consuming literature? Hint: It’s a one-year old. Is she able to digest the concepts and hidden meanings associated with Unicorns? Who vetoed the ‘fire table’ celebration at Zaytoon Restaurant in Santa Barbara? Who got a gold star on his birthday cake? (Hint: It was my birthday cake.) Did Darius, Christiane and the young girls make it back home safely. More importantly did they arrive with aligned sleeping schedules. (I bet those with parental experience can guess the answer.) Read More...

Stumbling through 650 sand-wielding, FöHn-filled,Tulips


Will Dan’s book (Stumbling Through the Tulips) make the best seller list? Why is the Sahara the secret to spectacular sunsets? Is it possible for their to be a factual error on the Internet? How does narrative integrity impact newsworthy objectivity?