cavity free normality cheers as lakers picture drawing wins

Nazy and I prepared to watch the Republican National Convention by overdosing on antacids and stocking up on air sickness bags. We weren’t prepared for the alternate reality transporter that dumped us into FANTASYLAND. We recalled wonderful recent events:

Sunset in Alaska

sunset rays Alaska June 2018

Great Barrier Reef
dan and nazy on barrier reef

Grand Tetons

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In this fantasy world, COVID has been vanquished, the economy has not only recovered, it is booming, the ‘president’, after walking across the Potomac, took a couple of fish and a few loaves and fed the gathered worshippers. (Each meal included a flask of Clorox to ward off ‘china’ virus.)

In truth, there were more speakers at the GOP convention with the last name of “
Trump” than there were North Korean Politburo members with the last name of “Kim”.

Back in the real world, it feels like March 175, 2020. Covid is still here, but because the government wants to reduce testing, we are assured that: “the numbers’ will get better” I’m sure that’s the case. In fact.

Leandra reading to Auriane August 2020

“It’s amazing, Nazy!” I exclaimed. “As you know, I haven’t been to the dentist since the virus appeared and, because of that, I have no new cavities.”

“Dan, that’s …”

“….. that’s the way the
administration thinks. Now they’ve gotten the CDC to change testing guidelines and the FDA to authorize untested treatments.”

“Is that the same FDA that bought 60 million doses of hydroxychloroquine?”

“Yes,” I replied. “A
nd 350 million bottles of Clorox,” I thought.

Truth be told, the GOP convention caused us to reorder antacid tablets and to expend our entire stash of airsickness bags. But — as I understand the message: Donald Trump has strongly led the country through the covid crisis with greatness that is powerfully appreciated by women and minorities. Heavenly anointed, he has build a wall that Mexico paid for, established universal healthcare, created 4% GDP growth, established peace in the middle east, abolished world hunger, iced down global warming, restored the coal industry, eliminated pollution and sold advertising space on the White House Lawn. He did it bigly with huge ratings.
Arrow painting water color August 2020

But — at the same time, we have to reelect him because there are riots in the street, the police are under siege, the economy has to be rebuilt, the socialists are taking over, the cities are aflame, the caravan is coming from Mexico… I’ve lost the plot… but it is rooted in fear and insecurity. He wants voters to be afraid of riots and immigrants, science, socialism and deficits (except when the GOP is in charge), non-existent voter fraud, but not of COVID or climate change or real voter suppression. He’s forgotten that he has presided, eh, tweeted over this mess that he is actively trying to make worse.
Here, the smokey skies have cleared even though the fires, far to our north, continue to burn. Even farther to the north, Darius, Christiane and the girls are well and growing. Auriane is very mobile. Both Auriane and Leandra are very artistic.

Artistic talent abounds in the family. Like Leandra and Auriane, Tiger and Arrow enjoy painting and coloring. Azelle prefers to work with ball point pens (especially ball point pens that go ‘Click’.) All of this artistic interest and talent ..

“… stems from you, my dear,” I told Nazy.

“Why, Dan..”

“Your art genes are so powerful, they overwhelm the negative inputs from me.”

“Come Dan, you’re not …” Nazy began. Then she stopped to think about my feel for
color (Dan is colorblind) and my ability to draw (was that a cat? it looked like an amoeba).

“I’m not — what, Nazy?”

“You’re not wrong, Dan.” Nazy concluded.
tiger painting again with glasses June 2017

And, here in Santa Barbara, the local grandchildren — especially Tiger, have become rabid Lakers fans. (His Dad, Tom, was already a Laker’s fan.) In the photo, we’re preparing for the final game of the first round of the championship series. Tiger is practicing a celebratory jump.

In the photo, you’ll see me wearing a
Laker Jersey.As a long-time Celtic Fan, this was not an easy thing for me to do.

(The hard part was explaining, to Tiger, why a play-off game was postponed. He can’t understand why a person would get shot ‘just because he was black’. Neither can I.)

Nazy and I continue our weekend walks along the Pacific Ocean. The weather remains beautiful and so does my lovely wife.

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The Laker's Fan Club

Lakers cheering

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